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  • Cladding
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  • Premium FIBA-DEK
  • Facade System
  • Ceiling/Soffits Systems

INNOWOOD'S material characteristics open a wide variety of possibilities. It can be used as External Cladding, Internal Lining, Outdoor Decking, Indoor Flooring, Shading, Street Furniture and Screening.

At INNOWOOD, we operate within an environment of continuous improvement and innovation. The development of our material properties, performance and texture is an ongoing process to continually improve the finishes, lifespan and colour durability of our products. To date we have been able to limit and control the thermal expansion process, thereby creating even greater stability in our materials. All INNOWOOD products may be upgraded to achieve a particular fire performance rating on request.

INNOWOOD has been a member of the Green Building Council since 2013, demonstrating our commitment to building a sustainable environment. We have conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and independent verification in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025 and EN 15804 and is now Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) registered. In addition, INNOWOOD cladding and screen products are Codemark certified by CertMark International (CMI) and 3rd party certification body (ISO 17065).

The CodeMark Certification Program (the scheme) is a building product certification scheme that authorizes the use of new and innovative products under certain circumstances, in order to facilitate compliance with Volumen One and Two of the NCC, also known as the Australian Building Code (or BCA).

The INNOWOOD trademark and logo were created and registered in Australia since 2005. As our business has grown over the years and the awareness of our brand has expanded globally, we have registered our trademark and logo around the world.

INNOWOOD has been at the forefront of composite wood innovation, product development and continuous improvement. We are committed to providing Architects, Designers and Customers with sustainable high-quality construction materials to empower them with the creative freedom to bring their concepts and ideas to life with composite wood product solutions.

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