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We started Maker&Son with a simple dream - to create beautiful things from natural materials that make a positive difference to people’s lives, forever. Our teams and our locations have grown, yet we remain steadfast in our commitment to this dream. 

We are a family business, and we make products that bring families together, that help celebrate the milestones of growing up and growing old together.

With Mobile Showrooms around Australia, we are ready to bring our furniture out to meet you. We often schedule road trips, so please don't hesitate to get in touch and book a visit with us.

We are fortunate to run a global business from our UK home, surrounded by a dedicated team of wonderful people who are all completely committed to delivering your perfect furniture. Our business partners near and far are an important part of our family, and we are conscious of the expertise that they bring, both in the individual and collective knowledge of their craft, but also the ability to bring to life our vision in ways that are sustainable and meaningful to the customers that we serve locally in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

We’re from a big family and we wish to create furniture for our home that is as comfy as nestling into a bed of pillows and yet still cope with the practicalities of everyday life.

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