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Bringing Your Interiors To Life With The Timeless Elegance of Australian Natural Wood

Welcome to Naturally Timber, where quality and craftsmanship meet the beauty of nature!

Naturally Timber is an Australian owned and operated family business which has been operating for close to four decades. Based in Sydney our master craftsmen have been working together for decades. This gives us enormous control over the quality of the 100% solid hardwood we work with and allows us to provide you with beautiful traditional workmanship and the ability to handle any custom requests.

The quality and charm of Australia’s most beautiful natural hardwoods are at the core of all our timeless masterpieces, that are designed for generations to come.

At Naturally Timber, we believe natural wood brings a unique warmth and charm to your interiors, and we’re passionate about handcrafting unique, original, and versatile furniture that add luxe and style up every space – from your home to the office.

We work with a passion for the environment and a commitment to sustainability, bringing you high-quality handcrafted furniture that is both functional and aesthetically delightful.

Our team of skilled artisans takes great pride in their work, using traditional techniques to craft each piece with precision and an eye for detail. From cutting and shaping to sanding and finishing, we ensure the highest standards of quality craftsmanship are maintained at each step, delivering furniture of unmatched quality.

We’re the industry leaders in manufacturing custom-designed furniture and have been delivering quality products with custom-chosen timbers, finishes, fittings, and sizes for close to 40 years.

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