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The call for a sophisticated renovation echoed through its walls, beckoning a visionary redesign that would not only bring it into the present but catapult it into a realm of timeless elegance.
Embarking on a full-service project, the design team committed themselves to push the boundaries of aesthetics. Their mission was not just to renovate but to sculpt an environment that blended with the aspirations of the homeowners and the demands of contemporary living. The essence of this transformation lay in a meticulous exploration of materiality and the infusion of a cutting-edge, contemporary edge.

Entertaining became an art form in this reimagined space, where social gatherings found a stage in thoughtfully designed living areas. Retreat-like bedrooms emerged as sanctuaries of tranquillity, each detail curated to evoke a sense of serenity and comfort. The heart of the home, the kitchen, underwent a transformation deserving of meticulous attention. Generosity in space was met with an equal commitment to detail, resulting in culinary spaces that were not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, and bathrooms that were luxurious retreats.


While aesthetic and function were top of the list, performance was not to be compromised either, so Fenestration Solutions Australia was approached to provide expertise in finding the right solution for the doors and windows. Given the location and views, they needed to not only elevate the aesthetic of the residence, but they also needed to provide improved acoustic and thermal performance. This meant large unimpeded double glazed panels that were exceptionally heavy, so the challenge to meet this criteria while remaining functional required specialty hardware. FSA’s European hardware systems from Roto Frank Germany was the perfect choice.

Notably, the project featured remarkable Lift & Slide doors, boasting an expansive 6-meter window that maximises the captivating coastal panorama. The uPVC Lift & Slide doors, showcasing a cutting-edge European design, ensure a highly efficient seal against noise and energy loss when locked, while effortlessly gliding once unlocked. By lifting the panel upon operation of the handle, these doors break the seal, allowing smooth friction free operation on precision roller wheels. This advanced technology significantly reduces wear and tear on weatherproofing compared to conventional designs, ensuring enduring energy efficiency.

To ensure maximum window sizes while obtaining the highest levels of performance and functionality, Tilt and Turn windows were carefully chosen. These windows, hinged on one side and opening inward, optimise fresh air intake. Featuring the Designo II concealed hinging system, they can be tilted horizontally for increased ventilation while also being turned vertically for easy cleaning of the glass pane inside and out. The structurally reinforced uPVC frames provide robustness and a secure seal against weather, water, and fire risk. Coupled with double glazed panels, these windows deliver exceptional energy efficiency and noise protection, making them ideal for this location with it’s high-traffic area.


Recognising the significance of first impressions, Fenestration Solutions Australia once again turned to its Roto brand for the entrance door. Utilising the ENEO CC automatic multipoint lock, designed for optimal comfort and security, the entrance door now automatically locks reliably and securely without requiring
a key. With the additional drive unit, the entrance door can be conveniently opened electromechanically, offering a seamless blend of convenience and security for the residence.


This renovation project transcended the conventional, breathing new life into the residence and fulfilling the vision of a home that doesn’t just stand the test of time but sets a standard for timeless sophistication. The fusion of contemporary design elements, premium materials, and a profound understanding of the clients’ desires has given rise to a residence that not only meets expectations but exceeds them, creating a living space that resonates with both luxury and practicality. As the final brushstroke was applied, this home emerged not just as a dwelling but as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and meticulous execution, this home is a true dream come true.

Interior Design - Melissa Balazan Design

Photographer - Kate Enno

Styling - Annalese Hay

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