GOH Ballet - Entro Communications | ArchiPro

Service: Wayfinding, Identification Signage
Architects: Batay-Csorba Architects
Photography: doublespace
Awards: Communication Arts

Entro embarked on a collaborative project with Batay-Csorba Architects and Acumen Visual Group to provide signage for Goh Ballet, a prestigious dance academy located in the Bayview Village Mall in Toronto, Ontario.

The most striking aspect of the space is a lenticular art piece, created in collaboration with Batay-Csorba Architects. Entro advised the architectural team on technical aspects of this piece and strove to match its aesthetics in our signage. Fluorescent lighting behind room plaques, for instance, gives them a soft pink glow that reflects and adds to the atmosphere created by the architects.

Challenges of the space included its size and upper floor location. At street level, clear signage is required to direct students and visitors to the second level, where a reception desk is situated.

Leveraging the existing brand identity and logo — a simple serif font — Entro designed an exterior vinyl sign, as well as plaques for dressing rooms and dance studios.

There is a delicate balance between refined and relaxed in this space. A minimalist approach for signage allows the architects’ exemplary work to take centre stage. Entro’s signage is therefore practical and beautiful, supportive of the overall aesthetic and provides an inviting and warm welcome to students, faculty, and guests.

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