9 Bathroom Furniture Ideas for Australian Homes

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27 June 2022


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Bathroom design is challenging at the best of times, with so many decisions needed about layout, styling, fittings, features and more. Bathroom furniture is incredibly important but sometimes doesn’t get the attention it deserves as people don’t realise its potential. However, homeowners across Australia have come up with some amazing bathroom furniture ideas that are nothing short of inspirational.

Bathroom furniture comes in many different forms, shapes and sizes. From shower seats to cabinets, they are functional necessities that make our daily bathroom routines easier and more enjoyable. Whether you are starting from scratch or planning a small refresh, they can enhance your bathroom for the better.

1. Sink vanities are a must

A sink vanity is an absolute must for most bathrooms no matter the size, no matter the style. They are a fantastic way to utilise unused space under a basin, providing additional storage space for your bathroom items, supplies and accessories. They are a great way to minimise clutter on your countertop which is fantastic for enthusiasts of minimalist styling.

They can also be extremely with design embellishments around the doors and handles with countless colour options to consider.

Timberline Bathroom Products - Arizona Vanity

2. Go for stylish towel racks

Every bathroom needs a towel rack of some description but many don’t think about their stylistic potential before making a decision. There’s a wide range of styles, colours and finishes available including popular heated wall-mounted versions as well as freestanding models.

The latter can be particularly striking with options like freestanding ladder towel racks, creating a unique point of difference for your space.

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Designstuff - Towel Rack

3. Sit back and relax with a shower seat

If you’re fortunate enough to be designing a space with a large walk in shower, then a shower seat is something well worth considering. It can serve you in many ways, giving you a perch where you’ll be in a better position to wash your legs and feet.

You’ll also have a place to sit and relax before, during or after your shower which is incredibly relaxing, especially if you’ve been up on your feet all day.

4. Keep a shower caddy in your corner

If your shower doesn’t have a niche for storing your body wash, shampoo and conditioner products then a shower basket or caddy is an essential furnishing you’ll want to include.

The alternative of keeping your products on the shower floor will mean having to bend down every time you shower which will quickly get tiring. There is a range of different models available including hanging and suction. A corner shower caddy is a great choice, especially for small bathroom showers, occupying an area that will be least obstructive.

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The English Tapware Company - Perrin & Rowe Shower Basket with Soap Tray

5. Invoke nature with your furnishings

Greenery in the form of potted plants and planters are a great accompaniment to bathroom features like cabinets and vanities. They bring a living element into your bathroom that many find calming, precisely the right type of feeling you want your bathroom to embody.

Fresh flowers are also a nice touch for a pop of colour that can beautify a space. If you have a double vanity, they’re a great way to create a focal point and soft partition between both basins.

OneWorld Collection - Potted Banana Plant

6. Take advantage of versatile wall shelves

Wall shelving can come in a variety of forms including wall-mounted open cabinets to floating shelves and shelves with rounded edges or straight. You can also select from a wide range of materials including bamboo, glass and wood (not to mention almost any colour choice you can think of).

On top of this, they can be used in many different ways. Their main purpose is of course for storage, typically of hand towels and other bathroom linen but you can also use them in decorative ways too, featuring ornamental items or greenery, making your space more lively and personal.

7. Find respite in designer bathroom stools

A bathroom stool is a great addition to a bathroom, especially if you have a lower vanity. It allows you to do your hair and makeup while seated making it a much more comfortable experience.

There are also some stunning designer bathroom stools available which will effortlessly elevate your interior design credentials. Designer stools can also double as a space for feature decor too like flowers and other ornamentals.

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Timberline Bathroom Products - Henley Vanity

8. Create space with a mirror cabinet

If you are looking to have more storage in your bathroom but are struggling for space, adding a mirror cabinet is the perfect way to do exactly that. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles allowing you to store everything from medicines and accessories to linen and supplies.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a mirror will also increase the visual sense of space in your bathroom, a bonus feature of this furnishing making it an invaluable design idea to pursue.

9. Contrast cabinets with wall tiles

Cabinets and wall tiles present a great opportunity for styling as parallel surfaces which face an individual as they enter a bathroom. Subway tiles are a classic choice, doubling up as a backsplash around your basin area.

Thinking about colour schemes is a great place to start and finding contrasting but complementary colours will help create a visual element of interest and a bit more depth. You also have the chance to think about texture as well and if you also include floor tiles into the mix, size and patterns can also be considered.

Timberline Bathroom Products - Paxton Vanity

Bathroom furniture ideas to try today

With some excellent bathroom furniture ideas laid out, you’ll have no problems incorporating them into your next bathroom renovation project or spruce up. Whether it's the simple inclusion of greenery around your vanity or a chic designer stool, you’ll be able to up the style and functionality of your bathroom space quickly and easily.

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