Going bold with black and metallic accents

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28 May 2024


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The total absence of stainless steel is being seen in the latest kitchen designs, with accents of precious metals making for a striking aesthetic.

There is a growing preference for bold, striking aesthetics that make a statement, which black and metallic accents perfectly embody – whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, or the whole of the home. 

It’s a trend that allows for more creativity with tapware and kitchen hardware, is the perfect accompaniment to sleek cabinetry, and takes advantage of the timeless appeal of black, brass and copper.

Achieving this trend in your next project

Franke Neo Pullout Tap (Copper).

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“When selecting products like these, design professionals should consider the overall kitchen theme and how these appliances can complement or enhance the existing interior,” says Beitz. “It’s important to balance aesthetics with functionality – ensure that while the products add visual appeal, they also meet the practical needs of the space.

“Also, consider the longevity of the trend and the potential for these items to remain appealing over time. Integrating flexible design elements that can adapt to changing trends may also be beneficial.”


For homeowners interested in incorporating this trend into their kitchens, it’s vital to consider both form and function. 

“While the aesthetic aspect of black and metallic accents can dramatically enhance a kitchen’s look, ensure that the chosen appliances are from reputable brands known for quality and durability. Also, think about the maintenance and upkeep of these finishes, as some might require more care than others.”

How these choices fit into your overall budget and whether they align with your long-term satisfaction and home valuation is also an important consideration.

Beautiful and dramatic, kitchen appliances with accents of precious metals are an excellent choice for your next residential or commercial project. Explore the range from Designer Appliances on ArchiPro.

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