Innovate & elevate: a deep dive into game-changing hardware solutions for every need

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12 May 2024


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From heightened security measures to boosted performance capabilities, seamless connectivity, and a growing emphasis on sustainability, innovations in hardware reflect a commitment to addressing consumer needs.

Hardware solutions have evolved dynamically to meet the demands of our rapidly changing world. From increased security and enhanced performance to improved connectivity and sustainability, these advancements reflect ongoing industry challenges and changes.

To understand the transformative landscape of hardware solutions, we spoke to Fantom Hardware’s Ben Montgomery who shares hardware’s evolution, the impact on user experience, its contributions to sustainability, and future trends.

The evolution of hardware solutions: meeting dynamic challenges head-on

Hardware solutions, once limited to basic functionalities, have now evolved into sophisticated systems designed to tackle the complexities of our modern age. The increasing demand for enhanced security features has driven the development of cutting-edge technologies, resulting in advanced locking mechanisms and surveillance systems. Simultaneously, the quest for improved performance has led to the creation of high-speed processors, efficient cooling solutions, and innovative connectivity options, contributing to the seamless integration of hardware into our daily lives.

“The user experience plays a pivotal role in the development and success of game-changing hardware solutions,” says Montgomery. “The effectiveness of hardware is not solely determined by its technical capabilities; rather, it hinges on how well it caters to the needs, preferences, and satisfaction of end-users.”

Examples of this include a focus on adoption and acceptance, as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“A positive user experience is critical for the adoption of new hardware solutions; users are more likely to embrace and advocate for technology or design that is easy to use and aligns with their expectations.

“When hardware solutions meet or exceed user expectations, it fosters a sense of trust, encouraging users to stick with and recommend the product. This is especially evident in the construction and architectural industry.”

The subtle Fantom Doorstop in brass is a great example of innovations in hardware enabling sleeker, more contemporary design.

The intersection of technology & hardware: a symbiotic relationship

The marriage of technology and hardware has yielded remarkable advancements, particularly in the realm of connected homes. From smart locks to temperature control systems and automated blinds, the integration of hardware into the digital landscape has created a more seamless and interconnected living experience. Take, for example, the Fantom doorstop, a solution that not only serves a functional purpose in holding doors open but also aligns with the aesthetic preferences of homeowners, contributing to the overall design harmony.

“The Fantom Doorstop is such an attractive solution as the design contributes to the everyday need to allow doors to be held open to allow for airflow; to create a passive climate; and to the aesthetic design of the door stop, which disappears into its surrounds.”

Sustainability in hardware solutions: a call for eco-friendly options

As environmental consciousness grows, hardware solutions have stepped up to contribute to sustainability. Energy-efficient designs, responsible material sourcing, and a focus on recyclability are key features individuals should look for when choosing eco-friendly options.

 The emphasis on longevity and recyclability reduces waste, aligning hardware solutions with a broader commitment to environmental well-being.

“Features that individuals should look for when choosing sustainable options are energy efficiency – digital product solutions often prioritise energy efficiency (this involves designing components and systems that deliver high performance while minimising energy consumption); and materials and manufacturing- sustainable hardware considers the environmental impact of materials and manufacturing processes,” shares Montgomery. 

For those interested in passive home design, technology such as the Fantom  Doorstop is a great option. 

“We have seen the Fantom Doorstop used in passive homes where the end user wanted to create an open flow and for all rooms to be kept at the same temperature; one of the attractions of the Fantom Doorstop was the hold open feature and to allow for all doors to be held in the open position allowing for increased airflow and temperature control.”

The Fantom Doorstop is able to be used on any floor covering, including carpet.

Quality matters: ensuring longevity & reliability

Understanding the key aspects of quality is paramount when investing in hardware. The materials used in construction, the reputation of the brand, and the availability of a robust warranty and support system are critical considerations. Quality hardware not only performs optimally but also contributes to the reduction of wear and tear in a home.

“Quality in hardware can impact performance, reliability, and overall user satisfaction. Pay attention to the build construction, ensuring that the hardware is well-constructed and resistant to wear and tear,” says Montgomery. “Good brand reputation and a strong warranty and support system are indicators of a manufacturer's confidence in their product's quality.”

Personalised hardware solutions: shaping the future of design

The demand for personalised hardware solutions has surged, fueled by the influence of interior design trends and individual preferences. Manufacturers are adapting to stay on trend, offering customisation options that cater to diverse needs. The evolving landscape of design expectations is evident in solutions like the Fantom doorstop, which not only serves a functional purpose but also aligns with the homeowner's desire for an open and seamlessly connected living space.

As we anticipate the next wave of innovations in hardware, certain trends are emerging in the hardware solutions space. The continued advancement of digital solutions, particularly in areas like wireless security cameras and smart locks, indicates a trajectory toward more sophisticated and user-centric designs. 

The future may hold an increased emphasis on diverse designs and finishes in digital locks, reflecting the growing demand for hardware that complements overall home design.

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