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EGGER PerfectSense

Words by ForestOne

When it comes to durable surfaces that will stand the test of time, EGGER’s PerfectSense finish is the latest to emerge in surface technology that adheres to both beauty and functionality. Whether the intention is to create a setting that embodies modernism or an ambience of luxury, EGGER is at the forefront in curating finishes that ensure every design is met with the highest quality. PerfectSense is in the premium category, offering two contrasting textures of a first-class matt lacquer and an elegant high-gloss surface finish.

Visually striking, both provide exceptional durability and inhibit all of the performance qualities for high-use areas. A product of exceptional resilience, PerfectSense is resistant to stains, scratches, heat and chemicals and is incredibly hygienic with its antibacterial surface property in accordance with ISO22196. With minimal cleaning effort PerfectSense provides users with a low-maintenance solution, ensuring that a pristine finish is always achieved.

Fusing together design, durability and sustainability, EGGER takes pride in producing a product that beautifully intertwines environmental considerations with cutting-edge design. With a mission to reduce its carbon footprint and minimise waste each PerfectSense core is made from 80% renewable resources, while 67% is composed of by-products within the sawmill industry.

As a result, PerfectSense is seeing increasing popularity with appearances in sophisticated living and commercial projects including high-end retail and customised furniture design. Whether used for wall panelling, wardrobes, sliding doors or furniture fronts, PerfectSense provides designers the ability to coordinate an entire interior project. With the latest décor trends and in unison with the full EGGER range, PerfectSense can be edged with the same finish to provide a seamless and fluid design.

PerfectSense Matt

Matt interior surfaces provide a velvety soft appearance to any space and are particularly functional for areas that emit a great deal of light and require light-absorbent surfaces. With PerfectSense Matt, designers, architects and fabricators can achieve a contemporary and modern look with this high-quality surface.

With a sense of warm luxury and smooth-to-the-touch feel, PerfectSense reduces the need for cleaning with its superior fingerprint and smudge resistance, making it the perfect surface finish for active public interiors or intimate home spaces of the kitchen or bathroom. For designers and architects that look to achieve a dark aesthetic the anti-fingerprint property of PerfectSense Matt is particularly advantageous, leaving fingerprints unseen while also withstanding coarser scratches.

Both practical and stylish this UV-coated finish is available in EGGER panels and worktops. While the collection initially began with solid colours, EGGER has seen rising popularity in the PerfectSense Matt range and has further developed its offering to include an exquisite selection of material textures. With careful selection of the most in-demand decors, EGGER PerfectSense Matt offers nine beautifully curated decors.

Whether for kitchen fronts, bathroom furniture or customised commercial furniture, each PerfectSense Matt décor perfectly synchronises and matches decors of the same brand within the EGGER range, allowing designers to create a seamless and fluid aesthetic with other interior features.

PerfectSense Gloss

Eluding elegance and visual perfection, a high-end gloss finish provides a sleek and luxurious feel. With a PerfectSense Gloss surface finish, take advantage of its mirror effect and create an illusion of a broad, open space with its reflective nature.

While historically these special properties were only reserved for expensive materials such as glass, PerfectSense Gloss is the perfect solution for areas that have a confined space. Resistant to stains and micro-scratches, PerfectSense Gloss is ideal for vertical applications within kitchens, bathrooms or living spaces to achieve an upmarket look.

With a high desire for a light shade within the Australian market PerfectSense Gloss is currently stocked in Premium White and is guaranteed to provide a pearlescent effect in any space. For an extensive décor selection, our European range is available for custom orders with MOQ’s and a 20–24-week lead time.

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