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Installing Wallpaper

Installing Wallpaper

Words by Inspired Spaces

Installing wallpaper can be easier than you think!  It’s a great DIY project and can transform a space.  These days there are so many beautiful designs to choose from.

Hanging wallpapers for beginners

The key to putting up wallpaper successfully is good planning and knowing some trade tricks.  This can help you trim the wallcovering with ease and also achieve smooth seams and corners.  Our guide will give you clear explanations and simple step-by-step tips for successful wallpaper hanging.

If it’s your first attempt at installing wallpaper then try using a lining paper first.

Not only will it give you the perfect surface to hang your ‘finished’ wallpaper on it will also give you some invaluable practice.

For beginners Vinyl wallcoverings are the easiest to hang as they can be washed and are more durable. Handle other wallpapers more carefully as they are harder to install so just pay close attention to the instructions.

Before starting make sure you have a long work table or space on the floor ready with a clean plastic painters tarp.

8 easy steps to installing wallpaper

Step 1. Strip existing wall covering before installation of new ones. Wipe the wall with tack cloth. Fill holes or blemishes in the existing wall using a drywall joint applied with a putty knife

Step 2. Prepare wall surface by sandpapering the wall to smooth any imperfections. Apply a coat of wallpaper primer.

Step 3. If you’re making a shape like an arch trim wallpaper on a cutting mat with a utility knife.

If your papering a whole wall, cut vertical strips 4 inches longer than the wall height; once the paper is up, you’ll trim the excess.

Arrange wallpaper strips side by side on the floor to ensure that the pattern lines up correctly, gently taping them together with painter’s tape to temporarily secure them.

Step 4. Pour premixed clear wallpaper glue into a paint roller tray. Use a small paint roller to apply it quickly and evenly to the back of the paper.

If your wallpaper comes pre-pasted, you can just dampen it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 5. Apply the paper one strip at a time, smoothing each onto the wall from the center outward using an 8-inch plastic smoother. For long strips, use a stepladder and work from the top down; have someone hold the other end as you position it (use this same method for wide chair-rail strips).

The seams of side-by-side strips should butt against one another, not overlap; make sure these seams lie flat by using a seam-roller.

Step 6. Once a piece is up, you have about 10 to 15 minutes to perfect its placement. Carefully push any bubbles out toward the borders.

Step 7. Wash off excess glue with a damp natural sponge, continuing to smooth the wallpaper as you go.

Step 8. RELAX YOUR FINISHED! Celebrate with a glass of wine in your new decorated space.

Make sure you follow these steps to help you attain a professional-looking job. Practice makes perfect!

If in doubt why not call a professional decorator and get a quote, you may be surprised how reasonable it is, especially if you do the preparation!

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