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Moroccan Design

Words by Inspired Spaces

Moroccan design is known for its diversity and rich cultural history.  During my trip to Morocco a few years ago I was able to see first hand the stunning and charming architecture that so clearly echoes through its interior design style. Surrounded by bright colours and ornate carvings it’s hard not to fall in love.

Morocco has been influenced by many cultures throughout the years.  With combinations of African, Islamic and European influences its easy to see how the country’s unique architectural style has formed.

One of the strongest design elements of Moroccan architecture comes from Islam and is known as Moorish Architecture.

Some of the most common characteristics of Moorish architecture include:

A Riad – An elaborate carved skylights that is open to the air

Muqarans – A common and intricate type of decoration.  Made from brick, stone, stucco, or wood.

Archways – Used in almost every aspect of Moroccan housing whether it is doors, entrances, windows or niches.

Moroccan architectural elements are amazing but quite difficult to incorporate into Australian houses.  So here are a few ideas to get that touch of ‘Moroccan Inspired design’ into your life without breaking the bank, or having to completely change the architectural foundation of your house!

Wedding blankets

Typically neutral in colour and embellished with hundreds of mirrored sequins.  These blankets can be used as bedcovers, wall hangings or rugs. Texture and sequins provide a little fun to dull looking rooms.


Intricate tile work is a hallmark feature of Moroccan design.  Found everywhere from floors and walls to tabletops. Traditional Moroccan tiling has numerous small tiles grouped together to form vibrant geometric patterns. However, if you prefer a more modern look then go for larger patterned tiles ‘inspired’ by Moroccan mosaics. This will give you a similar look without the traditional style.

Mosaic tiles can look great as a splash back or a decorative wall feature in bathroom. And don’t be afraid to continue the tiles out into your outdoor space. Vivid greens and blue colours will act as a great backdrop to any folage.


Create a Moroccan-style look by in your own courtyard by using terracotta tiles, wire chairs and tiled table. In addition, mosaic tiles on the wall can compliment the design, together with raised beds of arum, phormium, fatsia and grasses.

Moroccan Design With Soft Furnishings

Typically hand embroidered and available in a variety of colours and styles, Moroccan leather ottomans, or poufs, are an ideal addition to a comfortable, casual seating area.

Bold Geometric Prints

Bold, geometric prints inspired by traditional Moroccan motifs are great designs on pillows, rugs and upholstered pieces of furniture. Try pairing a chic, contemporary sofa with patterned throw pillows in vivid colours.  The designs and stunning colours will add a great contrast in the room, which is so common in Moroccan-inspired designs.


Intricately carved and hand-painted, elaborate motifs. Known for its artisanship and attention to detail. Browse import stores for an authentic Moroccan chest, table or armoire to instantly add character to your home.

Add some Moroccan flair to your surroundings to transform your home. Use rich fabrics, intricate furnishings, artwork and tiles to create your own exotic and unique style.  Above all, be creative and have some fun!

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