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Smart Office Design

Smart Office Design

Words by Inspired Spaces

Smart office design is all about accommodating todays corporate world of team collaborations and shared space.  When well thought through from beginning to end you can have a modern, fun and functional shared office design.

Let’s start with the layout of your space

Open plan offices can be great for collaboration however, they do have a down side.  For example,  how productive is it when the accountants are too close to the buzzing sales team.  All the hustle and bustle might mean they’re not able to focus on their work as much as they could?

Open Plan Office Challenges

So how do you keep the noise at bay? One of your best friends are soft finishes. They are able to absorb the noisy buzz. You might consider:

  • carpet tiles on the floor,
  • fabric blinds and
  • acoustic measurements as desk dividers

Acoustic Panels Keep The Noise At Bay

Gone are the times when noise absorption was an unsightly necessity. Nowadays, acoustic panels and tiles come in all different shapes and forms. They display your branding, decorate your ceilings or are hidden in some beautiful artwork. All in all, they add fun and colour to your office. The choice is yours.

Smart Office Design Supports Casual Meeting Atmosphere

If you are serious about collaboration, offer your staff various seating opportunities where they can easily get together.  Meetings don’t always need to be held in a formal meeting room. Why not scatter a few ottomans around to be grouped for a less formal exchange of information. Many people feel more comfortable in a casual meeting atmosphere with a direct impact on the meeting results they achieve.

For more inspiration, have a look at before and after pictures of Aircalin’s office makeover or click here for Aspire Australia’s amazing office transformation.

Fun Designed Office Kitchen

Some important decisions might be even made in the office’s break out area. The kitchen is the space to create a relaxed atmosphere, use colour and have fun with the design. A casual setting enables chats across all hierarchies and teams. This is where the CEO meets the trainee and the IT specialist the new staff addition to HR.

Get Inspired In The Break Out

Besides the lunch table, include a bar table and stools into the kitchen to enhance this relaxing look and feel. It might be just the right environment for your marketing manager to get an inspiration for the newest advertising campaign. Again, use the break out area for informal meetings. Laptops and a wireless network across the premises make collaboration nowadays an easy task.

Design Creates Chat Opportunities

For further chat opportunities, opt for centrally located printers for team members to collect the print-out. Printer areas are an ideal place for a friendly word to your co-worker who just returned from leave. Some companies even centralise the paper bins in the office for exactly the same reason.

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