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Using Wallpaper In Your Home

Using Wallpaper In Your Home

Words by Inspired Spaces

Wallpaper fell out of fashion for a long while after the pattern overload during the 1980s. But as we all know the world loves to recycle a trend. And now, whether you love it or hate it, wallpaper is back! Designers and homeowners are embracing patterns, bold prints and interesting textures.

Just like a fresh coat of paint, a feature wall of beautiful wallpaper can inject some personality into a room and immediately change the feeling of a space. The possibilities are endless, you may prefer to opt for something subtle and light such as a natural hue with an interesting texture, a soft pattern or some florals? What about a bright bold print, or maybe something geometrical is more your thing? Whatever your choice there really are no right or wrongs, just ensure that whatever you choose will complement and tie in with the rest of your space.

How many rolls do I need?

Below is a simple guide that will help you with calculating how many rolls of wallpaper you will need for you wall/s:-

Firstly, measure the width of the wall/s that you want to cover, and divide by 53 (53cm is the standard width of most wallpapers but it is best to check this). The number you are left with will be the number of drops you will need.

Next, calculate the meterage of paper required by multiplying the height of your room by the number of drops.

And lastly, to work out how many rolls you will need… divide the length of the roll minus the pattern repeat (if there is one). Wallpaper is generally a standard length of 10m but be sure to check this first. Round up to the nearest whole number to get the number of rolls needed. It’s not a bad idea to purchase 1 or 2 extra rolls, especially for challenging patterns.

NB: wallpapers are manufactured in batches, and these batches can sometimes vary slightly from colour to colour. Buying your rolls from one batch is the best way to ensure a seamless look (as well as good application obviously).


Calculations are as follows for a wall that is 5m wide by 2.5m high, using a wallpaper which has a 64cm pattern repeat (and assuming roll length is 10m)

Calculate the number of drops required

5m (wall width) divided by 0.53m (wallpaper width) = 9.4 drops

Calculate the length of wallpaper required
9.4 drops x 2.5m (room height) = 23.6m

Calculate the number of rolls required
23.6m divided by 9.36*(*10m (wallpaper length) – 0.64m (pattern repeat)) = 2.5

Rounding up to the nearest whole number gives you a total of 3 rolls of wallpaper you will need to purchase for your wall. 4 or 5 If you would like extra on hand for any errors.

There are other ways to use wallpaper other than committing to covering a whole wall (or room).  If you have fallen in love with a certain paper but are unsure about hanging it on the walls, then here are a few other ways to consider where wallpaper can inject some personality into a room.

Do-it-yourself bedhead

You could create a personalized headboard for your bed.  Start by having 3 panels and choosing two complementing wallpaper patterns. Cover one pattern on the middle panel and use the other pattern to cover the two flanking panels.

Update those doors

Update those outdated mirrored wardrobe doors by getting creative with your favourite wallpaper.  Use removable adhesive wallpaper to cover and modernise them.  This doesn’t have to be limited to wardrobe doors.  Other options such as cupboard doors or the inside of a bedroom door to add a bit of interest.

Creative Cabinetry

Choose a colourful print to cover the back wall of your cabinetry or bookcases.  The extra pop of pattern and colour will make your crockery stand out, and will no doubt make you smile every time you grab a book to read.

Emphasise an area

To highlight a fireplace, prominent wall or niche maybe consider a pattern or textured wallpaper for added interest.  Or you could go for an unconventional look by hanging wallpaper on the ceiling, this can change the whole feel of a space.  The underside of a staircase is also another interesting option.

Kitchen Splashback

Use a pretty pattern wallpaper as your kitchen splashback and cover it with a layer of glass to protect it from splashes and grease.  Of course, this will need to be professionally installed.

Frame It

You don’t have to wallpaper an entire wall or room to get an interesting effect.  You can create your own eye-catching art.  Do this by hanging some framed pieces of wallpaper to infuse some decorative elements that can be easily changed.

There are so many creative ways that you can utilise wallpaper in your home. However, you choose to use it, have fun when selecting your choices.  Then enjoy the feeling the finished product adds to your space!

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