AdvanTex® AX20 Package

Designed for standard and larger homes (3-10 bedrooms), the AdvanTex® AX20 Package will treat up to 2,000 L/day. Needing very little space to install, it also has low maintenance requirements and pumping costs, which make this the preferred system for most homeowners.

For Advanced Nitrogen Reduction:
Please specify the AX20 Mode 3 System
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  • Category
    Primary Treatment Systems
  • Range
    Residential dwellings
  • Brand
  • Designer
  • Country of origin
    New Zealand
  • Type of use
    Commercial and Residential
Scope of use

For onsite wastewater treatment of residential dwellngs


Up to 2000L per day

Energy Use

$6-to-$8 Per month

Treatment Quality

Typical effluent quality:

BOD5 <15mg/L average and <20mg/L peak

TSS: <15mg/L average and <30mg/L peak

Dimensions (With pod sitting on top of tank)

Height - 2730mm

Width - 2600mm

Dry Weight - 500kg

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Working across the private and public infrastructure space, we are known for providing a valuable service that offers practical and cost effective options for wastewater treatment. 

We assist architects, designers and consultants with

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We prioritise sustainability, reliability and operability in our wastewater system designs in aid of producing livable outcomes with minimal visual impact.. 

The services we offer, include design, construction and operation of onsite wastewater systems for 

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  • Papakainga/Marae
  • Rural schools
  • Rural cafe's, restaurants 
  • Campgrounds, parks and reserves
  • Staff/commercial facilities
  • Public toilets
  • Any other site requiring domestic onsite wastewater treatment

Being exclusive agents for Orenco® Systems Inc products in New Zealand and parts of Australia, we are a leading source of information and quality equipment for all types of wastewater designs. Since our establishment in 1994, we have designed and built over 10,000 systems for clients in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific, and we look forward to doing more with you. 

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