Pumped Septic Tank (STEP)

Prelos™ stands for 'Pressurised Liquid Only Sewer' also known as a STEP system. Prelos™ systems use on-lot pumped septic tanks as a standalone system or to a private communal scheme or council sewer.

Communities and developers around the world struggle with wastewater collection and treatment issues. In many areas, gravity sewer systems are too costly.  We have installed our technology in over 70 communities and sub-divisions around NZ. Our technology has enabled developers to create communities where they would not previously have been able to because it was not feasible or possible to connect to a council system.  Additionally, having a centralised treatment plant eliminates the need for land disposal on each lot which reduces minimum section sizes.

Our community treatment plants can also be installed in stages as the development grows, to help reduce initial capital outlay.

Innoflow can easily provide an estimation of costs for your feasibility - please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Prelos™ Processor - Complete, high-quality package

• Compatible, long-lifespan components
• Minimal inventory requirements
• Easy to maintain
• Low power consumption
• Unique meander tank design for superior solids removal

Prelos Sewers dramatically reduce short-term and long-term wastewater treatment costs for communities and developers. In fact, liquid-only sewers can be half the cost of gravity sewers, or less. Here are the many ways you save:

Save on equipment and labor

Collection lines are shallowly buried, just below the frost line, reducing excavation costs.

Inexpensive, small diameter collection lines are used.

Expensive manholes and lift stations are eliminated.

Installation time is reduced by one-half or more, compared to gravity sewers.

Ease of installation causes less disruption to communities, allowing businesses to operate normally during

Most equipment isn’t purchased until lots are developed, which defers costs.

Save on operation and maintenance

Low maintenance requirements have been documented with liquid only sewers.

24-hour back-up storage in on-lot tanks reduces emergency calls and  overtime costs.

Homeowners pay about $2.00/month in energy costs for pumps.

Residential tanks typically need pumping just once every 10-12 years, depending on the number of residents.

Save on treatment costs

Because of high effluent quality, low-cost treatment systems – such as packed-bed filters and subsurface disposal –  are ideal.

Treatment facilities can be sized economically, since the whole system is designed to be watertight. There’s no need to allow for the infiltration and inflow from high stormwater flows or groundwater.

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Innoflow is a team of highly trained professionals and wastewater system suppliers who specialise in designing, building and operating onsite wastewater systems for a wide range of rural, regional and 'off-grid' sites.

Working across the private and public infrastructure space, we are known for providing a valuable service that offers practical and cost effective options for wastewater treatment. 

We assist architects, designers and consultants with

  • Guidance on minimum wastewater system requirements based on engineering standards and guidelines
  • Guidance on where best to place onsite wastewater system and land application areas based on standards, practicality and cost
  • Creation of specification reports and drawings to contribute to consent application
  • Provide construction and O&M costings for onsite wastewater system

We prioritise sustainability, reliability and operability in our wastewater system designs in aid of producing livable outcomes with minimal visual impact.. 

The services we offer, include design, construction and operation of onsite wastewater systems for 

  • High end residential dwellings
  • Private and rural subdivision
  • Papakainga/Marae
  • Rural schools
  • Rural cafe's, restaurants 
  • Campgrounds, parks and reserves
  • Staff/commercial facilities
  • Public toilets
  • Any other site requiring domestic onsite wastewater treatment

Being exclusive agents for Orenco® Systems Inc products in New Zealand and parts of Australia, we are a leading source of information and quality equipment for all types of wastewater designs. Since our establishment in 1994, we have designed and built over 10,000 systems for clients in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific, and we look forward to doing more with you. 

At ArchiPro we recognise and acknowledge the existing, original and ancient connection Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have to the lands and waterways across the Australian continent. We pay our respects to the elders past and present. We commit to working together to build a prosperous and inclusive Australia.