Alvesta | Freestanding Fireplace

Black Steel
D390 x W549 x H927 mm - 98kg

Alvesta is a shorter version of the ever-popular Falun. Easy to run with a single air control lever, the Alvesta is highly efficient and uses only 1.8kg of hardwood per hour. The fresh air intake connection makes the Alvesta perfect for well-insulated homes where a heater with a small footprint is required. The steel body also begins distributing heat within 20 minutes of lighting making this a perfect heater for a holiday space.

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    Wood Fireplaces
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    Euro Fireplaces
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    • Residential
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    Professional installation required

Heating Capacity: 240sqm
Weight: 98 kg
Dimensions: W549 D390 H927
Emissions: 1.3g
Wood Usage: 1.7kg/hr
Heat Bank: Optional 10kg


Quality Freestanding Fireplaces

As a leading importer of quality European freestanding fireplaces, we stock an extensive range of wood heaters available in a variety of materials and colours. Our freestanding wood heaters inject chic and cosy character by adding an aesthetically pleasing focal point into your space. Designed to suit almost any home and easily installed, a freestanding fireplace is easy to operate and quickly produces and distributes heat. Many of our fireplaces are able to convect warm air throughout the entire home, without the need to burn overnight. Providing excellent ember retention, our freestanding fireplaces burn between 1.3kg and 2kg per hour, depending on the model. Using the latest in wood heating technology, our fireplaces burn clean and efficiently with minimal wood usage. Get in touch today to learn more about our freestanding fireplaces.

Environmentally and Economically Friendly

Our freestanding wood heaters do not depend on electricity to operate, instead, they rely on natural convection combined with radiant heat. Convection wood heaters create warm air in the firebox, which is forced to rise and is then pushed out into the interior space. This process creates a natural vacuum that pulls cooler air from your home into the firebox, where it’s warmed and circulated back into the home. Our freestanding wood heaters are able to reach multiple rooms to heat your whole house, without the assistance of a fan. In addition to convection heat, our freestanding fireplaces also release radiant heat from the glass and body of the heater. A heavier heater with more thermal mass will result in a longer-lasting output of radiant heat. Radiant heat from a freestanding wood heater will linger near the heater vicinity, helping to heat less insulated and two-storey houses.

Natural Heat Bank Technology

Heavy finishes such as Soapstone also work as a natural heat bank. It is the most efficient natural stone to absorb and hold heat for a long amount of time and is available as a finish in some of our freestanding fireplace models. You can also choose to add our exclusive heat bank technology to many of our freestanding wood heaters. Our heat bank technology continues to provide convection heat overnight, eliminating the need to continuously burn your wood heater. Refractory concrete panels are placed inside the unit and store heat as the fire burns for several hours. Overnight, when the fire is burning slowly or has gone out, the panels release the stored heat in order to continue warming your home. Delivering high-efficiency rates and very low emissions, all of our freestanding fireplaces are tested to Australian standards and are internationally certified to the highest environmental and quality standards.

Freestanding Fireplace Key Features

  • More evenly distributed heat
  • Efficient wood burning
  • Produces warmth quickly
  • Combines convection and radiant heat
  • Easily installed and suitable for most homes
  • Simple to operate
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Euro Fireplaces was established in 2010 in the Victorian high country after our founders realised the wood heaters offered in the Australian market were not as efficient as those in the European market.

We are the exclusive importer of a range of European fireplaces from leading manufacturers including Thorma, Haas + Sohn and Brunner. Our team has years of experience working in the Australian market and we regularly visit our European partners to keep up to date with the latest in wood fire technology.

We operate as both a retailer and wholesaler and are proud to stock in over 30 dealers around the country. Get in touch with us or your local dealer to learn more about our wood heaters and find the perfect model for your home.

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