In line with demand from architects and customers, we offer Barrisol products that are manufactured to be as harmonious as possible with the environment.

We invite you to discover Barrisol's 17th revolution: the Biowood® range, with its translucent biowood Flora sheet containing 92% natural, petroleum-free materials!

Barrisol BIOWOOD® Flora translucent sheet joins the ultra matte white sheet (UMBIOT1 made from wood and plants with up to 88% natural ingredients... petroleum-free! natural ingredients... petroleum-free) in the BARRISOL BIOWOOD® range.

THE BIOWOOD® range retains all the characteristics of the Barrisol ceiling to provide the best in acoustics, light and, of course, air conditioning.

It's ideal for all your construction and renovation projects, helping you to successfully decarbonize your buildings.

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    Wall Fabrics, Flush Mount Lights, Suspended Ceiling
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    Barrisol Stretch Ceilings
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About the

Developed in France, Barrisol is the world’s leading stretch ceiling system. 

A Barrisol® stretch ceiling is a non flammable sheet made of vinyl which is stretched under the effect of heat on the periphery of the walls thanks to a specific fixing system (patented).

Thanks to the wide range of Barrisol® rails used for the fixing, all types of realizations are possible, including 3D and organic forms.

All Barrisol® products are classified A+ (VOC). Barrisol® products contribute to the respect of the environment. They can contain up to 80% of recycled materials, they are reusable and are 100% recyclable.

Every Barrisol stretch sheet is manufactured specifically for its own unique installation. Because of its elastic properties, the Barrisol fabric has a ‘memory’, allowing it to be removed numerous times without impacting the sheet’s ability to find its original form.

Barrisol features

  • Over 230 colours, 15 finishes
  • 100+ profile systems
  • Largest range of translucent membranes and acoustic solutions
  • Lighting, air conditioning, video projection and sound diffusion integration
  • Coloured and dimmable LED options
  • Technical elements hidden

Barrisol advantages

  • 10-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Installation + easy removal and reassembly
  • No specialised maintenance needed
  • Zero-emission of volatile toxic substances
  • Moisture resistant
  • Barrisol products are made to the highest specification in the industry, which is why all Barrisol membranes and peripherals come with a full 10-year guarantee (for membranes) and 5-up to 10 years for LED’s. Please beware of counterfeit products who claim they are the same! Only an authorised Barrisol professional can offer you the protection of the Genuine Barrisol product range.
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