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Rinnai’s Demand Duo system links from one to six of our highly efficient heavy-duty continuous flow water heaters to a heavily insulated stainless steel storage tank. The linking of water heaters to a storage tank, allows for short periods of peak hot water use that are greater than the continuous flow rate the water heaters can achieve on their own. Using new controller technology that offers various temperature settings and a host of other features you can't go wrong with a Demand Duo.

What's more the Demand Duo 1 is the perfect solution to replace your existing storage hot water heater with no changes required to the water pipes.

  • Category
    Hot Water Cylinders
  • Brand
  • Installation
    Professional installation required
  • Suitable applications include:
    Hotels and motels
  • Apartment blocks
  • Student accommodation
  • Shower blocks
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Commercial laundries
    We recommend the installation of a Demand Duo system when hot water consumption has a predictable volume. This is usually based on the number of people living in a particular building and their hot water usage or industrial machines that require regular peaks of water.
    The Demand Duo unit is often used on flow and return systems that distribute the water around a building.
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Continuous innovation.
Our commercial water heating systems are built around our heavy duty range of continuous flow gas heaters. Our commercial hot water systems are widely used throughout Schools, government buildings, apartments, offices and sports facilities, as well as hotels and commercial kitchens.

Hot Water Systems

Rinnai commercial hot water systems options include multiple continuous flow systems, gas or electric hot water storage tanks, warm water valves and heat exchange tanks. In conjunction with a wide range of accessories such as solar pre-heating, common flue, circulating pump sets, controllers and BMS take off points. A centralised solution is available for almost any application.

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