Exclusive Ice Bath Chiller: 0°C Ice Flow Technology

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This chiller is exclusive to Kiva Wellness and our manufacture holds IP on the design. It is the only chiller that can make real flowing ice and can drop to absolute 0°C, leaving real ice in your water.

This innovative chiller can also heat water up to 42°C, offering precise temperature control for optimal recovery and relaxation. Choose between 1 HP or 1.5Hp options.

Exclusive Ice Chiller Innovation

Exclusive Ice-Making Technology: Only our chiller drops to 0°C, creating real ice flow for an authentic ice bath experience.

Proprietary Design: The only chiller with a design patented by our manufacturer, ensuring uniqueness and quality exclusive to Kiva Wellness.

Optimised Component Synergy: Custom designed condensers and pumps work in harmony, unlike competitors who use mismatched parts.

Efficient Energy Use: Achieves a superior Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 2.9+, translating to more energy for less power, ensuring at least 5 years of optimal performance.

Advanced Ozone Control: The only chiller using electronic valves for precise ozone output, guaranteeing safety during use.

Remote Software Updates via WiFi: Stay updated with the latest efficiency enhancements without manual intervention, ensuring your chiller always performs at its best.

24/7 Operation Without Overheating: Designed to run continuously without risk of burnout or excessive energy costs.

Does it really make ice?

Yes! Kiva Wellness have teamed up with a world class chiller manufacturer to introduce Australia's first 0°C ice bath that physically delivers ice into your tub whilst also maintaining the ability to raise your water temperature to 42°C.

Whether you choose the 1 or 1.5hp chiller both have the capability to create a film of ice in your water.

No other ice bath in the Australian market has this ability.

Trade In Your Old Chiller for Recycling!

At Kiva Wellness we're not just about cutting-edge technology, we're also committed to sustainability. That's why we're introducing a trade-in program for old chillers. Have an old, inefficient chiller from another brand gathering dust? Send it to us from anywhere in Australia , and we'll recycle it for you. Help us reduce waste and join us in our mission for a greener, more sustainable future.

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Technical Specifications

The best ice chiller unit in Australia that lets you create real ice during your ice bath session. Dive into icy 0°C or indulge in a warm 42°C, all powered by our exclusive ice making chiller that is complete with a 2 year warranty. Emerge rejuvenated and supercharged every time! The performance of the Ice Bath Chiller, capable of reaching temperatures from 0°C to 42°C and producing real ice, may vary based on environmental conditions. In areas with extreme heat, the chiller's ability to achieve the lowest temperatures may be affected. Always ensure the unit is operated within recommended ambient temperatures for optimal results.


  • Approx dimensions: 55cm Wide x 59cm High x 37cm Deep
  • Weight
  • Chiller Weight 1HP: 37Kg
  • Chiller Weight 1.5HP: 46KG

Average Cost Per Day

  • Less than $1 once set temp is reached


  • Ozone Sanitation - Automatically released during operation
  • Particle filter specification: Twin Filters particles to 20 Microns
  • Water temperature range: 0-42°C
  • Self Priming Pump System


  • 2 years Domestic
  • 1 year Commercial
  • Technical Support available ongoing


  • Mobile app control included (Over WIFI)
  • Technical Elements
  • Chiller Wattage 1HP: 1070w input 3100w Cold output.
  • Chiller Wattage 1.5HP: 1380w input 3600w Cold output.
  • COP 2.9+ Minimum performance is 2.9x power input
  • Full SAA Cert - AS/NZS 60335.1:2020+A1:2021
  • Chiller water resistance rating: IPX4
  • Eco Friendly R410A Refrigerant
  • Voltage 220-240 Volts
  • Standard 10amp plug fitting
Scope of use

Potential Health Benefits of using the Energise Ice Bath

  • Exercise Recovery
  • Mental Health
  • Inflammation

Premium Chiller That Produces Ice

Introducing the game-changer in ice bath technology – Kiva Wellness' exclusive chiller has a range of 0-42°C with a setting that has the capability to produce ice, leaving your water literally freezing cold.

Universal Compatibility with Australian Ice Baths

Our Ice Bath Chiller is designed to fit most brands of ice baths across Australia, featuring a 20mm standard fitting for effortless integration.

It includes adjustable connectors that ensure a smooth fit with a variety of tub sizes and styles, offering an easy upgrade for your existing setup. Upgrade to the Kiva Wellness Ice Bath Chiller and enhance your recovery experience today!

Control your Chiller from your phone

Enhance your wellness routine with the Kiva Wellness Ice Bath Chiller, offering flexibility with app-based or direct chiller controls. Effortlessly adjust temperatures between an ice cold 0°C and a warm 42°C to suit your session's needs, whether for recovery or relaxation, using either the intuitive app available for Android and iPhone or the chiller's built-in controls.

This dual approach ensures your experience is always tailored to your preference, providing both convenience and precision for every plunge.

Advanced Two-Filter Sanitation

Our enhanced sanitation system now includes a two-filter setup for superior cleanliness and protection of the chiller mechanism. The original 20 micron filter is complemented by a new, easy-to-clean filter designed to trap larger sediments before they reach critical components, reducing potential damage.

Additionally, our upgraded ozone sanitation feature now operates on an intermittent timer, accessible via app control, significantly reducing the need for manual adjustments and ensuring your water remains pristine with minimal effort.

This advanced combination offers unparalleled water clarity and hygiene for your peace of mind.

Energy Saving Tech

Choose between the 1HP and 1.5HP compressor options, each tailored to your home or business needs and designed for maximum efficiency. The 1HP option consumes up to 1070W, whilst the 1.5HP reaches 1380W.

Both options are engineered to reduce power consumption and noise as soon as the desired temperature is achieved. This intelligent energy-saving feature significantly reduces operational costs, ensuring your wellness routine is both sustainable and peaceful.

Endorse by Leaders

As a leading wellness company in Australia, we collaborate with numerous top-tier businesses, delivering products renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the trust and endorsement we receive from industry leaders and professionals.

Choosing one of products means investing in professional-grade solutions that not only meet but exceed business standards. Join the ranks of companies that rely on us to enhance their services and offerings.

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