D165 x W808 x H704 mm

The Gro-Wall® Slim Pro is a new vertical garden green wall system that is built on the success of the Gro-Wall® 4.5 product and provides significant improvements and a thinner profile making the system ideal for applications where space is limited.

The new features include built in drainage, planter tray locks automatically when inserted and the irrigation can now be mounted on the front of the unit as well as in the centre of the unit.

The new planter tray is thinner and allows for 6 litres of soil media ensuring healthy plant growth and moisture retention.

Plant to plant irrigation is beautifully balanced providing evenly distributed irrigation to the plant below. It is also now optional, and can be blocked off to allow the water to drain away to a drainage outlet with the use of irrigation pipes. This feature is ideal for indoor applications where drainage outlets are not available or for applications that require plants to be contained so as to prevent plant disease spreading to other plants.

  • Category
    Vertical Gardens
  • Range
    Modular Vertical Gardens
  • Brand
  • Designer
  • Easy to assemble. Easily assemble Gro-Wall Slim Pro by assembling each piece in place
  • The trays or pots are 6 litres deep to ensure the growth of the plant
  • Two smart drain options. From outside the structure or from the same pot down
  • Security. The pots are automatically locked when inserted
  • Smart irrigation. Easily install irrigation drippers in each module so that each pot receives the necessary water
  • Modular system. The modular system allows to build the garden or orchard vertically or horizontally without problems
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