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ECO TIMBER GROUP formally invites you to an innovation in engineered timber flooring solutions, our innovative and ground breaking stone based flooring. HEATWOOD.

Typically, timber floors and in-floor heating do not mix. That applies to solid timber and to 90% of the traditional ply based engineered timber floorboards in today’s market. Of the ply based engineered timber floorboards that are compatible or warranted for similar applications, they do come with their fair share of complex checklists, restrictions, limitations but more so, costly long-term inefficiencies.

HEATWOOD solves these inefficiencies and offers the best thermal properties even when your system is not in use. With its patented reconstituted composite stone base, and true timber lamella it’s not only a great conductor of heat, but also offers the natural warmth that only a timber floor can.

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    HEATWOOD has an excellent HEAT CONDUCTIVITY that can transfer up to 66 degrees of heat cleanly and efficiently transferred, without compromising the timber giving you an all-round solution.
    HEATWOOD is designed so that the heat does not destabilise the timber floor, unlike ply based and solid timber floors. HEATWOOD is 15mm thick, with a 13mm composite stone base, giving it the ability to handle direct heat in a way that solid wood flooring just can’t.
    HEATWOOD has an excellent heat conductivity rating and a very low R value of 0.66. In layman’s terms, HEATWOOD is the most efficient timber flooring product in terms of transfer of heat from substrate through the floor. This low R value also means that it is a great contributor in both Geothermal and Passive House applications. So, if you are looking for the perfect evolution of timber flooring, look no further!
    HEATWOOD is available in a multitude of colours and flavours. We hold stock here in our Melbourne warehouse but are also able to do custom orders of parquetry and wider boards.
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Eco Timber offers a wide variety of solid, engineered and custom timber flooring in Melbourne and Interstate, perfect for residential and commercial projects. Whether it be the pale blondes of our Recycled Oregon, Messmate and Blackbutt flooring to the rich  brown of our Spotted Gum and Grey Ironbark or if rich reds is more your flavor we have mountains of Red Ironbark or Jarrah for you to choose from. Rest assured Eco Timber has a solution for you. With quality as our top priority, our flooring is sourced from quality suppliers, so you know you’re getting a product you can trust.

Whether you’re building or renovating in Melbourne or have a project in one of our other beautiful states we have a range of appearance grades and finishes to give you more choice when it comes to your home’s interior.

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