Eskimo Loop - Curvy & Compact Electric Towel Rail

Engineered and handmade in Birmingham UK, Loop is a station of incurvation to keep your towels neat, whilst efficiently using heat.

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    Heated Towel Rails
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    Eskimo Heat
  • Designed, engineered and made in the UK for perfection.
  • Aluminium construction for rapid heat-up time.
  • Unique curved design.
  • Dries towels four times more quickly than a horizontal towel rail used in a conventional way so that, combined with a timer, it uses around a quarter of the power.
  • Space saving – half the width of a standard towel rail – great for small bathrooms
  • Technically innovative flash-drying technology
  • Simple construction – not liquid-filled like a normal towel rail- no leaks, no corrosion.
  • Holds up to 4 towels.
  • Non-slip powder-coated textured finish.
Why choose the Loop?


Safety First: Our product ensures safety and comfort.

Safety Standards: British and European Standards allow up to 95ºC, which we consider unsafe.

The Loop follows a Low Surface Temperature standard (43ºC without a towel) to keep you safe.

With a towel, we allow a slightly higher limit (56ºC), still below typical radiator temperatures.


Eskimo's two decades of experience in high-performance radiator design helped us perfect the form that promotes convection currents that will provide a constant flow of warm dry air over the towel.


The ladder rail design fails due to poor airflow, trapping damp air, and slowing drying. In contrast, The Loop's vertical fins ensure continuous humid air replacement. The Loop dries two large towels in 2 hours, while a larger ladder rail takes over 11 hours, using over 5 times more energy, totaling 657 kW annually, a costly choice at current energy prices.

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About the

Eskimo was born and bred in North London, in the Spring of 2001. Founded by Phil Ward, the our ethos still remains today – to save the world from the ugly and impractical saboteurs of interior design. Nowadays we are also dedicated to product design & innovation that will warm our spaces without warming the planet.

In-House Manufacturing

Every Eskimo product is designed and manufactured in the UK. Almost every part of our production process– machining, fabricating, finishing, assembling, and testing– is all done in-house. When you buy from us you can be sure we know exactly what it’s been through to get to you, and we can even tell you the name of every single person who’s had a hand in its creation.

Complete Design Freedom

Our completely in-house approach also gives us ultimate control over the design process. Concepts can be discussed with the people who are responsible for making them a reality, while prototypes can be made within a matter of hours. The creative freedom this affords our designers is invaluable, and results in completely unique products that stand out from the crowd.

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