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one edge Xcm high
other edge Ycm high
curve/dip in centre Zcm

Please note pillow dimensions may vary by a couple centimetres due to the normal variations of 100% natural materials.

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An ideal pillow for people with chemical sensitivities or allergies, our organic latex is hypoallergenic, hygienic and antibacterial as well as being dust mite, mould and mildew resistant. This pillow comes with a removable & washable (in cool water) certified organic cotton cover. Please be advised, the latex insert itself is not washable. Handcrafted with care in our own Sydney workshop. Please keep in mind that, as with any new pillow, it may take a week or so to adjust.




Pillow Dimensions:

65cm x 37cm 

Profile (variable):

Thicker Edge: approx 9cm 

Thinnest Edge: approx 7cm 

Slight curve/dip at base of the rise: approx 6cm 

Please note pillow dimensions may vary by a few centimetres due to the natural variations of 100% natural materials.

Guarantee & Product Care

Guarantee & Product Care

To keep your natural pillow fresh and increase its longevity, we recommend the use of a pillow protector as well as regular airing. Standing your pillow up on it’s side each morning will help provide airflow to the underside. This pillow contains our Organic Latex, we advise keeping the latex out of direct sunlight to ensure a longer-life span and keep the latex from degrading. This pillow also features a removable cover which can be washed in cold water and line dried. We advise against washing your latex pillow insert or using sprays.  

For help with product care please email 

Short Description

Perfect for those who prefer a lower profile, this pillow has been carefully designed to provide ample support while retaining a minimal form. A flat base and a gently contoured upper side work together to facilitate healthy positioning of your neck and shoulders. Our certified organic latex is a resilient, natural material that will keep its shape to provide support for years to come.

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Such a comfortable pillow from the very first night!Was this helpful?Yes, this review was helpful. 0 No, this review was not helpful 0 Age Range of User Myself Sleeping Style GP Gab P. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

As a chiropractor I’m constantly looking for a great fitting and eco conscious pillow. This is the best I have ever seen in the market. Was this helpful?Yes, this review was helpful. 0 No, this review was not helpful 0 Age Range of User Myself Sleeping Style Loading... Loading... Reviews Loaded review:[subscriberI4e60da00-f8f4-4a00-8f4f-6b0bc6ebea0reviewIfe14c0b9-fcad-487b-9b3d-a9b51a3fffasubscriberId_productI4e60da00-f8f4-4a00-8f4f-6b0bc6ebea0e:shopify-797663133720productIshopify-797663133720attributesWithRatin:[minLabeFirtitlComfort Levetyprangvalu:5maxLabePlus}]bodThe transition from my old pillow to this one has been seamless. It is the perfect height, extremely comfortable and has no smell from the latex. \nI am so happy with this purchase!dateCreate2023-08-25T02:33:44.384dateUpdate2023-08-25T02:33:44.384helpfulCoun:0isRecommende:trueproductHandllow-profile-lateproductImageUrhttps://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0003/2165/0694/files/tnbc-new-full-3_x280.jpg?v=168508096productNamLow Profile Latex PilloproductUr//www.thenaturalbeddingcompany.com.au/products/low-profile-lateratin:5reviewe:attribute:[titlAge Range of Usetypsingle-valuvalu35 - 4},titlBought fotypsingle-valuvaluMysel},titlSleeping Styltypmulti-valuvalu:SidBac]}]displayNamClare MisVerifie:true}isIncentivize:falsestatuapprovetitlLove this pillow!unhelpfulCoun:0variantI4376293549695},subscriberI4e60da00-f8f4-4a00-8f4f-6b0bc6ebea0reviewIb46bef75-e5ae-4c45-a9d5-c24a21c25edsubscriberId_productI4e60da00-f8f4-4a00-8f4f-6b0bc6ebea0e:shopify-797663133720productIshopify-797663133720attributesWithRatin:[minLabeFirtitlComfort Levetyprangvalu:5maxLabePlus}]bodIf I could give 6 stars for this I would. I really struggle trying find a pillow that supports my neck but is comfortably soft for my head. This is a luxury for me with tough times and worth every dollar. If I could buy these for gifts I know I’d make the recipients very happy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐dateCreate2023-10-09T06:37:11.099dateUpdate2023-10-09T06:37:11.099helpfulCoun:0isRecommende:trueproductHandllow-profile-lateproductImageUrhttps://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0003/2165/0694/files/tnbc-new-full-3_x280.jpg?v=168508096productNamLow Profile Latex PilloproductUr//www.thenaturalbeddingcompany.com.au/products/low-profile-lateratin:5reviewe:attribute:[titlAge Range of Usetypsingle-valuvalu45 - 5},titlBought fotypsingle-valuvaluMysel},titlSleeping Styltypmulti-valuvalu:SidBac]}]displayNampenny misVerifie:true}isIncentivize:falsestatuapprovetitlPerfectly Pleasing Pillow.unhelpfulCoun:0variantI4376293549695},subscriberI4e60da00-f8f4-4a00-8f4f-6b0bc6ebea0reviewI39ec41b3-079a-446e-86c4-45ab85db926subscriberId_productI4e60da00-f8f4-4a00-8f4f-6b0bc6ebea0e:shopify-797663133720productIshopify-797663133720attributesWithRatin:[minLabeFirtitlComfort Levetyprangvalu:5maxLabePlus}]bodWe love all our latex pillows from Natural Bedding. Both of my children (under 5) have been using low profile ones and they’re very comfortable. Highly recommend thedateCreate2024-04-07T02:35:53.575dateUpdate2024-04-07T02:35:53.575helpfulCoun:0isRecommende:truemedi:[largePortraitThumbnailUrhttps://d4yxl4pe8dqlj.cloudfront.net/images/4e60da00-f8f4-4a00-8f4f-6b0bc6ebea0e/944a696a-ff37-4221-9335-42e004a66d22_thumbnail_portrait_large.jpstreamI944a696a-ff37-4221-9335-42e004a66d2fullSizeUrhttps://d4yxl4pe8dqlj.cloudfront.net/images/4e60da00-f8f4-4a00-8f4f-6b0bc6ebea0e/944a696a-ff37-4221-9335-42e004a66d22_full_size.jplargeUrhttps://d4yxl4pe8dqlj.cloudfront.net/images/4e60da00-f8f4-4a00-8f4f-6b0bc6ebea0e/944a696a-ff37-4221-9335-42e004a66d22_large.jpdynamicKe4e60da00-f8f4-4a00-8f4f-6b0bc6ebea0e/944a696a-ff37-4221-9335-42e004a66d2typimagthumbnailUrhttps://d4yxl4pe8dqlj.cloudfront.net/images/4e60da00-f8f4-4a00-8f4f-6b0bc6ebea0e/944a696a-ff37-4221-9335-42e004a66d22_thumbnail_120_120.jp}]productHandllow-profile-lateproductImageUrhttps://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0003/2165/0694/files/tnbc-new-full-3_x280.jpg?v=168508096productNamLow Profile Latex PilloproductUr//www.thenaturalbeddingcompany.com.au/products/low-profile-lateratin:5repl:bod

Hi Oznur,
Thank you for your review! We are so happy to hear that your children are loving the pillows! We hope we can continue to bring you pillows you love as your children grow!

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