Paper Holder Type 1 - 4800 Series Number 4801

A modern round design, with a touch of difference to our classic 4600 series, this stainless steel toilet roll holder is simple, functional and timeless, complementing all bathroom designs. The open design allows for easy toilet roll changes, fitting all standard-size toilet paper rolls on a single arm. The round disc stopper at the end has been specifically designed to prevent your toilet roll from slipping off while rotating. The common loose paper holder problem is also eliminated with our unique RIGID Loc mounting.

A toilet paper holder is a vital daily necessity in your bathroom, that not only enhances the décor in your bathroom, but keeps your toilet paper stored and in place. When choosing a paper holder, the first point to consider is the mounting system. Our one of a kind system, Rigid Loc, is designed to keep your toilet paper holder firmly fixed to the mounting. This eliminates the common problem of loose paper holders. Beauty is in every detail.

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    Toilet Roll Holders
  • Range
    4800 Series

Product Code: 4801 and Series 4800

Product Dimensions: 144mm(w) x 94mm(d) x 48mm(h)
Material: GRADE 304 Stainless Steel
Warranty: 15 Year Limited Guarantee
Fixing / Mounting System: RIGID Loc with double screw wall fixing
Suitable to be installed: Masonry or Concrete surface (wall fixings supplied), Tiled surface (wall fixings supplied), Dry wall - mounting onto stud (wall fixings not supplied), Glass (using Bathroom Butler glass mountings - optional extra)


Fixing System: RIGID Loc Mounting System
This product uses our patented RIGID Loc mounting system which is designed to ensure the bathroom accessory remains secure to its mounting and will not rotate.

Material: GRADE 304 Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel has a natural resistance to corrosion and therefore does not require any protective coating which makes this material ideal for the bathroom environment. The shiny polished finish of Stainless Steel is often confused with a Chrome finish, however the two could not be more different. While Stainless Steel will not peel or flake, Chrome products on the other hand are susceptible to chipping and pitting due to the nature if a coated product.

  • Designed to fit one standard-size toilet paper roll on a single arm.
  • Open design that allows for easy roll changes.
  • Featuring a round disc shape stopper at the end to prevent your toilet roll from slipping off when pulling on the toilet roll.
  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel construction ensures durability, with no rusting or peeling.
  • Easy to install with our follow along instructions & template.
  • Can be mounted on a variety of surfaces, including glass and drywall.

RIGID Loc Mounting System

The innovative, one-of-a-kind RIGID Loc Mounting System was engineered to ensure our bathroom accessories remain locked in place and to prevent constant retightening and maintenance of loose or wobbly paper holders, towel rings and other accessories.

High Grade Material

GRADE 304 Stainless Steel is the finest material choice for our bathroom accessories because its natural corrosion resistance properties prevent rusting, staining, peeling, flaking or chipping. Grade 304 Stainless Steel is also a hygienic material – it is non porous, and it does not collect bacteria or algae.

Additional Info

Cleaning and Care:
To keep your product in pristine condition, simply wipe it down with a warm damp cloth and then buff dry with a microfiber cloth. You could also, on occasion use a Chlorine-free stainless steel cleaner to maintain the shine. If you use stainless steel polish, make sure it is abrasive free. When cleaning wall surfaces around your bathroom accessories do not use any household detergents that may contain Chlorine based chemicals such as bleach as it will cause permanent damage to the surface of the stainless steel product.

  • Clean regularly with a warm damp cloth, and then buff dry with a clean dry cloth
  • DO NOT use the rough end of a kitchen sponge to clean your bathroom accessory
  • To remove any small blemishes or fine scratches, use a non-abrasive metal polish
  • DO NOT clean your bathroom accessory with any kind of ACID BASED CHEMICAL, TILE CLEANER or detergents that contain Chlorine, as these may contaminate and damage the surface finish

What’s in the box:
4801 Paper Holder
Fischer UX 6mm Plastic Plugs (2 pieces)
Wall Screws (2 pieces)
2.5mm Allen Key (1 piece)
Installation Instructions (1 piece)
Mounting Template

Tools needed (not supplied):
Drill & Drill bits
6mm Diamond drill bit – if drilling through ceramic tiles
6mm Masonry drill bit – if drilling into Masonry (Brick)
Measuring tape
PH2 Screwdriver
Spirit level

Installation tip:

  • Check for water pipes before deciding where to drill
  • In Masonry walls, always drill a smaller pilot hole first for better sizing and location accuracy

Manufacturers Warranty:

All components of Bathroom Butler® stainless steel bathroom accessories with RIGID Loc Mounting system, excluding the colour finishes, are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for a period of 15 years from date of purchase, as printed on the sales docket, which must be provided as proof of purchase. This updated Guarantee only applies to bathroom accessories with RIGID Loc purchased after 1 January 2020, all bathroom accessories with RIGID Loc purchased prior to 1 January 2020 carry a 10-year Limited Guarantee. All other bathroom accessories without RIGID Loc mounting system carry a 5-year Limited Guarantee.

Colour Finishes: The surface finish of all colour components (including PVD and other coating methods) of Bathroom Butler® bathroom accessories are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Excluded from this warranty are damages resulting from force majeure (Acts of God), including, but not limited to, lightning and floods, fair wear and tear, misuse, wilful damage, negligence, repair of device without the approval of Bathroom Butler® or damage resulting from incorrect installation.

The manufacturer’s liability is limited to repair or replacement of bathroom accessories only. No claim for consequential damage and/or labour and/or transport will be entertained. Damages arising from misuse of the bathroom accessory will render the warranty invalid.

This warranty is only valid when the product has been purchased from an authorised reseller or country/territory distributor and is only valid within the geographical borders of the country/territory that it was originally purchased. This warranty only extends to the original purchaser of this product and is not transferable.

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Globally Bathroom Butler is a pioneer in engineering and manufacturing premium bathroom accessories and heated towel rails for residential and commercial projects. Established 40 years ago, this second generation family business has learned what the needs are of most bathrooms, which has led to all their products being carefully considered, tested, and designed with a purpose. At bathroom Butler, they believe that beauty lies in every detail.

Driven by innovation and engineering excellence.

Bathroom Butler started as a small family business in South Africa, back then it wasn’t called Bathroom Butler, Keith Maclaren-Taylor started the manufacturing business in the 70s out of his garage, where he first started making gym equipment and where the row master was invented.

Andrew, Angela and Craig all grew up watching their father Keith hard at work and during school holidays they would get involved and help him, learning the ropes of the business from a young age and building a business from the ground up. Keith instilled the importance of work ethic in his children early on and that it pays off.

After completing their various studies, all the children began work for the family business, starting from the bottom and then becoming leaders of their own. In 2005 they started and launched Bathroom Butler to the market. Today Bathroom Butler is known as one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom accessories and heated towels racks.

Driven by innovation and engineering excellence, the focus is on design and quality. One of Bathroom Butler’s innovations is the patented RIGID Loc Mounting System for bathroom accessories, that was designed with the consumer in mind to eliminate the problem of bathroom accessories constantly coming loose. Bathroom Butler has also pioneered advanced DET Technology for their heated towel racks and were among the first brands to start using GRADE 304 Stainless Steel for their products instead of Chrome.

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