Retreat 2 Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna

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Step into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation with Australia's latest in outdoor wellness: our new outdoor cube infrared sauna. We've upgraded the design, moving away from traditional heating elements and hot stones to embrace advanced infrared technology for a superior and seamless heat experience.

Our Retreat 2 Person Barrel-Style Outdoor Infrared Sauna is the perfect addition to your wellness routine. This premium sauna, influenced by traditional Finnish designs, is crafted from durable thermo pine wood and designed to enhance your outdoor space.

Feel like you're at a health retreat in Finland, right in your own backyard. With our Kiva Wellness Retreat cube outdoor sauna, you can now enjoy the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation from the comfort of your home oasis.

Designed to enhance your wellness routine, this sauna combines the therapeutic benefits of infrared technology with a robust, stylish design, perfect for any outdoor space.

Here's why you’ll love our outdoor infrared sauna:

Advanced Infrared Technology

Enjoy deep tissue relaxation and increased detoxification. Our low EMF carbon heaters, including two back wall heaters, four side wall heaters, one leg heater, and one front heater, ensure even, gentle warmth that penetrates deeply into the skin, enhancing blood circulation and helping to flush out toxins.

Built for Two

Share the experience with a partner or enjoy spacious solitude in our sauna designed for two. It’s the perfect escape after a long day, allowing you both to unwind and recharge together.

Quality Construction

Crafted from thermo pine wood, known for its durability and natural beauty, and featuring a sturdy bitumen felt roof, this sauna is built to withstand the elements. The 8mm tempered glass door and no-paint finish enhance its natural appeal and ensure longevity.

Total Control at Your Fingertips

Set the mood with LED mood lighting and lose yourself in your favourite tunes with our integrated Bluetooth music system. It’s your personal wellness retreat that makes you feel like you're on holidays every day.

Best of all, this sauna is not just an investment in your health and wellbeing, but it also adds value to your home.

Rediscover tranquillity and become the envy of your friends, thanks to the design of the Kiva outdoor sauna, where every day ends in perfect relaxation.

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Technical Specifications

Review the technical specifications of our premier outdoor infrared sauna, showcasing robust themo wood construction, superior insulation, and advanced resistance to moisture, decay, and microbial growth.


  • Exterior (mm): 1482W x 1500D x 2046H
  • Bench (mm): 1286 x 550
  • Themo Pine Wood (mm): 98W x 30 thick
  • Low EMF carbon heaters (mm): 1000 x 400 / 380W


Sauna Weight: approx 180kg


  • Digital control panel
  • 8mm tempered glass
  • Bluetooth music system
  • Weatherproof Bitumen felt roof

Technical Elements

  • Temperature range from 20°C to 70°C
  • (heating time may vary based on external temperature)
  • 8x Low EMF carbon heaters: 2 back wall heaters, 4 side wall heaters, 1 leg heater, 1 floor heater
  • 3040w power. Comes with its own wall mountable safety switch box
  • low wattage 12v easy clean floor panel heater

Installation Requirements

Note: This unit does NOT come with a plug and requires installation by a certified electrician due to its power requirements. Please consult a licensed electrician for a safe and correct hard-wired setup.

Internal Lighting

  • LED colour mood lighting
  • 2 LED colour light strips

Average Cost Per Hour

  • A 2 person outdoor infrared sauna costs approximately $0.45 per hour to run, totaling around $5.40 monthly for three sessions per week.

Lifetime Warranty

  • Lifetime on Carbon Heater / 5 Year on other parts (Managed directly by us)
Scope of use

Potential health benefits of using our Saunas

  • Heart Health
  • Exercise Performance
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Pain & Mobility
  • Immunity
  • Longevity
  • Heat Acclimation
  • Relaxation
  • Detoxification
  • Skin Health
  • Stress and Fatigue
  • Improved Sleep

Low EMF, High Comfort Sauna

The Kiva Retreat 2 person infrared outdoor sauna features advanced low EMF carbon heaters and an 8mm tempered glass door, combining the therapeutic benefits of infrared technology with a robust and stylish design. Enjoy the ultimate comfort and warmth with adjustable heat from 20°C to 70°C, making this tranquil retreat a luxurious and health enhancing part of your backyard.

Indulge in the benefits of infrared technology, designed to detoxify and relax the body. Equipped with LED mood lighting and a Bluetooth music system, our sauna transforms your outdoor space into the ultimate wellness retreat. Luxuriate in this peaceful sanctuary alone or share the rejuvenating experience with someone special.

Revitalise With Infrared Heat

Our Retreat 2 Person Outdoor Sauna is designed to complement your wellness routine by offering a relaxing and invigorating infrared driven experience that many find beneficial:

Deep Tissue Warmth

The far infrared rays gently penetrate muscles and joints, providing warmth that many users find soothing. This could be particularly comforting after physical activity or a long day, potentially helping to ease muscle stiffness and joint discomfort.

Support for Detoxification

The deep, gentle heat from the sauna encourages a significant sweat. Regular users often report that this process helps them feel purified and rejuvenated, as sweating can support the body's natural detoxification mechanisms.


The warmth generated by the sauna may help to expand blood vessels, which can improve circulation. Enhanced blood flow is often associated with better nutrient and oxygen delivery throughout the body, which contributes to overall vitality.

Pain Management

Some users find that the consistent warmth provided by far infrared saunas helps in managing chronic pain, such as that from arthritis or muscle fatigue. The heat can be soothing, potentially reducing discomfort and aiding in mobility.

Immune Support

Regular infrared sauna use has been shown to boost overall well-being. As the body warms up, it increase the production of white blood cells, which are crucial for fighting off infections and illnesses.

With our beautiful wooden outdoor sauna, you can enjoy the soothing warmth and benefits that the infrared integration will bring you, all from the comfort of your own backyard. Enjoy the soothing warmth and the peaceful break it provides from daily stresses.

Free Delivery To Your Doorstep

Enjoy the convenience of free delivery across Australia for our 2-Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna.

Delivered straight to your driveway via TNT, your new sauna comes securely packaged in a wooden crate, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition.

This hassle-free delivery service means you can start enjoying the soothing benefits of your sauna with minimal delay, right in the comfort of your own backyard.

More Details

Thermo Pine Wood Construction

The Thermo Pine Wood used in the design of this sauna acts as a natural insulator, helping to maintain a consistent internal temperature within the sauna.

It's manufactured and thermo treated to increase the wood's resistance to moisture and decay, for ultimate enhanced durability in outdoor settings.

We've specifically selected the thermo pine wood finish because it's treated without chemicals, making it a more environmentally friendly option than chemically treated wood alternatives.

The beautiful natural wood look of the Kiva Wellness outdoor sauna, makes it a stunning addition to any outdoor entertainment or wellness area in a setting amongst nature.

Waterproof Bitumen Felt Roofing

Bitumen felt roofing is one of the most trusted and enduring methods for waterproofing in construction. This technique, which has been effectively used for thousands of years, continues to be highly regarded for its reliability in sealing and waterproofing structures.

It stands out particularly for its performance as a dependable barrier against the elements and its excellent waterproofing properties to prevent water infiltration, keeping the sauna interior dry and protected.

We have chosen Bitumen Felt Roofing for our outdoor sauna to not only protect against various weather conditions, but also to ensure that it has a long life span without the need for frequent repairs.

Colour Mood Lighting

Complement your sauna sessions with the relaxing effects of integrated LED colour light strips.

These lights offer a selection of colours and can cater to a range of emotional and health related needs. Opt for calming blues to reduce stress and induce relaxation, or choose energising yellows to boost your mood and energy levels.

When combined with the integrated Bluetooth music system, you can set the mood to be just right for you. Your backyard oasis has never looked so good!

State of the Art Carbon Heaters

Experience the future of holistic wellness with our advanced carbon heating panels, engineered for optimal performance and reliability. Characterised by their high emissivity and larger surface area, these cutting-edge panels ensure a broader distribution of far-infrared heat at a lower and safer temperature, effectively creating a more tolerable and beneficial sauna environment. The carbon fibres are embedded within the panels, which operate at a power density that's energy-efficient, reflecting a significant decrease in energy costs without compromising on your sauna experience.

Our panels boast a rapid heat-up time thanks to the inherent conductivity properties of carbon elements, meaning your sauna is ready at nearly an instant's notice. Structurally, the non-corrosive nature of our materials enhances the longevity of the panels, making them a sustainable investment. Also notable is the thin, flexible design, which allows for straightforward installation while minimising the spatial footprint within your sauna. By integrating these technically advanced carbon sauna heating panels, you're guaranteeing an experience defined by efficiency, innovation, and unmatched thermal performance.


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