Custom Sashless Double Hung Windows

The sashless, double-hung by Aneeta is a modern equivalent of the traditional timber double-hung window. 

This window operates in a similar way to a double-hung but does not obstruct the view with thick sash components – especially when not fully opened. Only a small thin line from the double glass spacer can be seen. The frame allows ventilation where space is limited for an outward opening window.

The need for easy sliding double glazed units limits the sealing and other window options will give better air and water infiltration results. The Aneeta sashless window is easy to operate. The double-hung unit can be incorporated in a matching frame to suit other door and window selections.

No Flyscreens are included with Aneeta Windows.

Note: Sashless or double-hung windows have a lower energy and security rating than casement and awnings. We recommend copying the look of a double-hung with a divided casement and fixed window combination to allow better thermal performance and controlled ventilation.

  • Category
    Sliding Windows, Sash Windows
  • Range
  • Brand
  • Type of use
    Commercial and Residential
  • Package type
    Special packaging required
  • Care and cleaning
    Easy maintenance
  • Installation
    Professional installation required
  • Assembly
    Professional assembly required


  • Counterbalanced Sashes
  • Basic Brush Seals
  • Single Point Key-Lock


  • Up to 2.7m(h)x1.2 m(w)


  • N2 rated window & water penetration
  • U Value 3.3
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Miglas provide the highest quality Australian-made and designed double glazed windows and doors. Miglas combines the advantages of both timber and aluminium windows to create a low maintenance, energy-efficient, and thermally stable window and door system. This unique double glazed window and door system provides comfort and protection in the harsh Australian climate all year round while allowing you full architectural freedom with a wide range of styles, sizes and colours.

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