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A timber deck is an Australian essential, transforming your outdoor area and connecting your living space with nature. Timber screening offers both privacy and natural beauty creating a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Consider choosing the same timber species as your interior spaces to let the theme flow outside.

Hardware available: STAINLESS STEEL decking screws without the need to pre-drill!

Decking & screening are extremely versatile; it can be used in designs for seating, boxed storage, garden screens, outdoor furniture, raised garden beds, gates, fences and privacy screens.

At Hurford Wholesale, we manufacture and stock high-quality, kiln dried hardwood decking and screening. Our range includes Australian and imported hardwoods, such as Spotted Gum and Vitex decking, as well as a range of treated and naturally termite-resistant softwoods.

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    Commercial and Residential

Standard Decking Sizes. Indicative only, please refer to below note.

Hardwood Decking Sizes: 64 x 19mm, 136 x 22mm, 140 x 25mm, 135 x 32mm, 86 x 19mm, 140 x 22mm, 135 x 19mm

Hardwood Screening Sizes: 40 x 19mm, 40 x 30mm, 40 x 40mm

Radiata Pine Micropro H3 Decking: 70 x 22mm, 90 x 22mm, 140 x 22mm

Cypress Pine Seasoned Decking: 68 x 20mm, 90 x 20mm, 115 x 20mm

NOTE: Not all species are available in all sizes and grades. Please confirm availability before specifying or ordering.


The select grade denotes a minimal degree of natural feature in the boards. As a naturally occurring product, all timber decking contains some degree of feature such as pinhole, gum vein and surface check.

Standard & Better
Combines the features of select & standard grade to provide a deck with slightly more character than a select grade timber.

Feature grade is, as the name suggests, high feature. Each board is a veritable sea of natural feature, containing large knots, gum veins, pinholes and even some holes that can be filled during the laying process. Again, the features will be greater in quantity and larger in size than standard grade.

Variations in Timber
Timber is a spectacular and versatile natural material. It yields a vast degree of variety in colour, texture and naturally occurring feature. This diversity can be apparent even between pieces selected from batches of the same species. Finishing can also effect variation in colour and may even highlight subsurface feature.

Hurford Wholesale recommends that care be taken when making a preference selection based on a single sample piece or a small area sample. In all cases, timber decking supplied will deviate in appearance between jobs and display samples. However, it is this deviation that makes every timber deck absolutely unique.

NOTE: Not all species are available in all sizes and grades. Please confirm availability before specifying or ordering.



  • Blackbutt
  • Brushbox
  • Blue Gum
  • Cypress
  • Grey Box
  • Grey Ironbark
  • Grey Gum
  • Ironbark
  • Jarrah
  • Mixed Hardwood
  • Qld Spotted Gum
  • Red Ironbark
  • Spotted Gum
  • Silver Ash
  • Stringybark, Yellow
  • Tallowwood
  • Turpentine


  • Kwila (Merbau)
  • Radiata
  • Vitex
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Our journey began with modest operations, which have since grown to match and often surpass both Australian and international competitors. Today, we stand as a comprehensive industry leader, encompassing the full spectrum of timber production – from primary producer to manufacturer and wholesaler.

Our integrated operations manage the entire supply chain, ensuring sustainable management and harvesting of forest resources, followed by meticulous processing, manufacturing and global distribution of wood products. This seamless control over all processes allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

As we continue to forge ahead, strengthening relationships and pioneering new sustainability practices, we honour the vision of Jim Hurford. His innovative approach to adding value and gaining a competitive edge set a strong foundation for what Hurford’s has achieved in high-quality timber manufacturing.

Join us as we continue to build on this legacy, delivering not just wood, but a promise of durability, quality, and stewardship of the Earth’s resources.

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