Heavy Duty Underground Tank - Titan Tank® by Atlantis

L575 x W575 x H50 mm

The Atlantis Titan Tank® is a robust underground tank system designed to meet heavy load requirements in mining, airport, military, and high water table applications. This heavy-duty stormwater tank excels in environments demanding exceptional strength and durability. As a truly modular water tank system, it supports infinite height, width, and length, making it adaptable to various project needs.

Featuring an interlocking system, the Titan Tank® modules create a rigid 50mm thick blanket layer. This mechanism provides the tank with the necessary strength and stability to withstand heavy loads. By layering modules from the tank’s footprint, you can efficiently and effectively build up the desired tank volume. This modular approach ensures that the Titan Tank® fits any project size, from small installations to large-scale industrial applications.

  • Category
    Stormwater Drainage, Channel Drainage, Detention Tanks
  • Range
    Modular Water Tanks
  • Brand
  • Designer
Scope of use
  • Detentions tanks
  • Rainwater harvesting Tanks
  • Soakaway tanks
  • Rain Gardens
  • Flood Mitigation
  • Retrofit of concrete channels
  • Swale
  • Bio Filtration.
  • W.S.U.D & S.U.D.S, L.I.D applications
  • Mining
  • Long term history in the ground
  • Excellent engineering knowledge
  • Strong, tanks can resist up to 140 tonnes per SQM
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Can be installed by unskilled labour
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast to install
  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Can be recycled after use
  • Modular design, can easily create irregular shapes
  • Multiple uses, soakaway, water retention, drainage
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