Toto S2 Washlet W/ Side Control (D-Shaped)

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L540 x W462 x H130 mm

The TOTO S2 Washlet with Side Control offers a luxurious bathroom experience. Crafted from durable White plastic and featuring a D-shaped design, this advanced toilet seat enhances comfort through its heated seat with temperature control. The adjustable warm air drying feature ensures a refreshing finish, while an automatic powerful deodoriser activates after each use, keeping your bathroom environment fresh and inviting. Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-Years Replacement Warranty, inclusive of 2 Years covering both Parts and Labour.

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Product Code: TCF33320GAU
Dimensions: 462mm X 540mm X 130mm
Material: Plastic
Bowl Shape: D-Shape
Water Pressure: 0.07mpa~0.75mpa
Power Rating: 220~240v , 50/60hz, 828~839w
Length Of Power Cord: 1.2 M
Ewater+ Spreads Out And Keeps The Nozzle Clean By Preventing Bacteria With Sanitizing Effect
Premist Water Is Sprayed Inside The Toilet Bowl To Make It Difficult For Dirt To Adhere Maximized Comfort Function With Pulsating Cleansing
Fully Equipped With Comfortable Rear, Front And Oscillating Cleansing Functions
Adjustable Warm Air Drying
Heated Seat With Temperature Control
Auto Powerful Deodorizer Activates After Every Usage
As/Nzs 2845.1 Compliant With Certified Backflow Prevention Device As Per As/Nzs 3500.1:2021 No Further Backflow Preventer Device Required
Installation Manual Available
In the case where the distance between your toilet’s bolt holes mismatches the washlet, a universal adaptor may be purchased

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