BINQ uPVC sliding windows are made from aluplast's Vario Slide system which are designed for minimal uPVC extrusions and maximum glass.

Made from slimline profiles with a sash depth of 45mm, the sliding window performs and functions incredibly well.

  • Category
    Sliding Windows
  • Range
  • Type of use
    Commercial and Residential
  • Package type
    Fragile - handle with care
  • Care and cleaning
    Professional cleaning recommended
  • Installation
    Professional installation recommended
  • Assembly
    Professional assembly recommended

Size Restrictions

  • Up to 2.0m high
  • Up to 1.3m wide (per sash)


  • uVal - as low as 2.1
  • SHGC - as low as .35
  • BAL29 compliant
  • Aluplast uPVC profile
  • Australian Hardware
  • High Security Locking System
  • Double Gaskets
  • 42mm x 70mm Slimline frame profile
  • 72mm x 45mm Slimline sash profile
  • Up to 24mm Double Glazing
uPVC Profile

Aluplast is a world renowned supplied of uPVC profiles all over the globe. There pro files systems are strong and robust and offer incredible thermal ratings,.

Certified Quality

What makes us innovative? Strong power for innovation, superior quality, plus outstanding energy efficiency and sustainability both for our products and our production systems. All of these claims have been substantiated with various certificates, awards and seals of approval. See for yourself.

PVC Stewardship Program

The PVC Stewardship Program, administered by the Vinyl Council of Australia, is an on-going, long-term, voluntary undertaking by the Australian PVC industry to recognise, and progressively address, all relevant environmental, health and safety issues along the PVC product life cycle within responsible and deliverable timeframes.
As a Signatory to the program, aluplast supports the program and adheres to the following five key themes associated with the life cycle of PVC:.

1. Best Practice Manufacturing
2. Safe and Sustainable Use of Additives
3. Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management
4. Resource Efficiency
5. Transparency and Engagement

For regions with high UV radiation

aluplast can look back on more than 20 years of experience in providing
tropical uPVC formulations to regions with very high levels of UV radiation.

In order to make sure that uPVC windows remain stable and robust even under harsh environmental conditions, aluplast developed a special uPVC compound called Tropical Mix. This “tropical” formulation and the profiles have been tested and certified by AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association).

AAMA tests the profiles at accredited laboratories under natural weathering conditions. The profiles are tested in three different weathering stations in Ohio, Florida and Arizona for two years where they have to prove their stability against UV light, wind load and humidity.

In artificial and natural weathering tests, aluplast proved the profiles’ outstanding durability, weather resistance, and quality, and was finally awarded with the AAMA certification. All test, for example the Charpy impact test, were passed with ease and without any restrictions, even after two years of weathering.

Environmentally friendly calcium-zinc (CaZn) stabilizers ensure that you will enjoy your eco-friendly, high-quality aluplast window system for many years to come. aluplast has excellent verified references in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia regarding the successful use of our tropical formulation

Today we are proud to say that we can supply customers worldwide with an extended tropical profile portfolio and that we are able to react flexibly to the different market requirements. Stay ahead of the times with innovative technologies developed by aluplast.



The alutec colour range consist of plain colurs with a textured finish film that is applied to the uPVC making them look far more appealing that a flat colour.


Looking for the timber look with no maintenance? Woodtec is the perfect solution. Woodtec is a textured grain film that is appliedto the uPVC window which gives it a real timber look.


Windows with standard glass provide little to no insulation properties, and are the thermal weak point in buildings. In an average home, 40% of heat loss and 87% of heat gain is through inefficient glazing*.

An energy efficient window helps minimise the use of artificial heating and cooling, and makes the most of the natural climate resources. Insulglass IGU units are an essential component to minimise the need for artificial heating and cooling, reducing heat transfer by over 50%.

Utilising energy efficient glass has many benefits:

  • Comfort levels: it will be naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter, internal drafts and condensation is reduced
  • Energy savings: lowered cost for conditioning spaces with artificial heat and cooling
  • Less greenhouse emissions: with a lower load impact on artificial heating and cooling, there is less energy output and reduced emissions
  • Noise reduction: filters out significantly more noise than standard glass

Insulglass Plus

uVal - as low as .7

SHGC - as low as 0.58

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About the

Established in 2009, BINQ is a privately owned Australian company who's influence comes from travelling the globe researching the most advanced window systems, machinery and manufacturing techniques.

Expanding its business and operations to a national, recognized brand, BINQ has two manufacturing plants located in Melbourne, Victoria, with a combined floor area of over 3,000m2, and is now Australia's largest high-performance window manufacturer.

As things have evolved, our core company values are built on solid foundations of integrity, trust, a high focus on customer service, driven by providing value, and delivering high quality products made from quality workmanship.

Our customer service is geared to exceptional standards at each touch point of the customer journey, with responsiveness being the critical driver right from the first touch point, through the sales process, to scheduling and production and after sales services.

With solid project planning, automated machinery, advanced manufacturing techniques and highly skilled joinery technicians, we consistently meet deadlines, whilst maintaining a high quality of workmanship.

Our diverse product offer consists of timber and uPVC window systems catering to a range of both residential and commercial markets in Australia, specializing in high-performing, thermally efficient, architectural window systems.

Windows have tradionally been viewed as a utilitarian product where a designer has designed a hole in a wall for a window to be installed into, whereas we view windows as much more than that. We view windows as the most important element in a building that has a dramatic impact on the design, aesthetics, functionality, liveability, and performance of a home.

We've always been very focused on the tupe of business we want to be and the type of busienss we want to be known for and it's this clarity that continues to drive the busienss everything day.

Regardless of where we've been throughout the journey, one thing has stood true. 'To raise the standard in the industry by giving customer unequivocal excellence in product and service, at honest prices', which has become the mission of the business.

At ArchiPro we recognise and acknowledge the existing, original and ancient connection Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have to the lands and waterways across the Australian continent. We pay our respects to the elders past and present. We commit to working together to build a prosperous and inclusive Australia.