Webforge Locker’s wire mesh curtains are a bespoke interconnected spiraled wire metal mesh. An ideal architectural solution, they act as an excellent space delineator or screening façade to give your space a modern, sophisticated look.

The Transit range of mesh curtains is an ideal way to add texture and character to a room. Transit mesh is installed to provide the designer with flexibility to sculpt a space and add different lighting in order to change the outlook and feel of the room.

Transit mesh is versatile and adaptable. Transit curtains can be draped from the ceiling to hide ducts and electrical amenities or used as external facades or internal balustrades. Transit mesh can even be manipulated to form art or a sculpture

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What are the benefits of wire mesh curtains?

Webforge Locker Group’s wire mesh curtains are an ideal way to add texture or character to a room. Indeed, they are the perfect resolution to the challenge of balancing the need to screen private spaces with encouraging an open plan feel. With wire mesh curtains, spaces are easily delineated with the ability for ongoing customisation, while still encouraging air flow and allowing lots of natural sunlight. This creates a sophisticated look and feeds into the modern commercial trend towards open plan areas.

Wire mesh curtains can be manufactured in stainless steel, brass or aluminium for a variety of looks. Locker Group have a considerable architectural portfolio of wire profiles, mesh thicknesses and weave options, all customisable to client specifications. Wire mesh curtains, designed your way, make a space truly striking and unique, as satisfied users nationwide have found in their own architectural projects.

How can I use wire mesh curtains?

Wire mesh curtains are a popular choice for a variety of architectural functions, including internal and external screening, chic facades and space delineation. As a screen or façade, they couple privacy with an open flow, and also provide a modern visual edge. This makes them ideal for glare screening in the sun-drenched Australian climate. Architectural curtains can also be used for medium security panels and internal continuous balustrades, custom-designed to your needs and built with reinforced fall arrest tension in case of accident or impact damage.

As a space delineator, coiled wire fabric curtains can be installed horizontally or vertically in a tensioned, fixed format. Alternatively, they can be positioned on curtain tracks, allowing the designer unlimited flexibility to adjust the space and lighting instantly to suit any conditions or time of day. You can also cascade the coiled architectural curtains from the ceiling to hide ducts and electrical amenities, or use them to cover glass panels and doors, saving you the cost of other private screening.

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Webforge Locker are one of the strongest brands in their respective markets, being able to leverage off the strengths of our product range which includes: Perforated and Expanded Metal Facades, Wire Curtains, Metal Balustrades, Flooring and Safety Barrier Solutions.

With this extensive range of products, it further solidifies our ability to serve our customers with systems and solutions that offer the complete overall package.

We understand the architect’s drive to create something new and unique, and that’s why Locker isn’t about pushing established solutions. We look to open a dialogue with the designers and architects we work with to understand the nature of each project and their specific requirements. We feel the most important thing we can offer is choice. A wide variety of materials, profiles and finishes mean more opportunities to bring your vision to life. 

We are continually developing and expanding our specialised range of metal products, while our products are hugely flexible in how they can be customised to highlight and enhance existing design features – we also pride ourselves on our ability to produce one-off items.

Our case studies attest to the commitment we put into helping professionals develop beautiful, reliable buildings with our solutions. Our international sales offices and manufacturing facilities enable us to accommodate architects based throughout the Asia-Pacific. We're excited by the prospect of working with professionals in this field. If you believe we can offer assistance, don't hesitate to speak with one of our representatives.

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