A timeless Palazzo | Padua, Italy

By Unox Casa

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Framed by the historic walls of one of the oldest cities in Italy, in the Veneto region, stands a residence where heritage, art, and the future converge. The majestic hand-painted frescoes enclose a harmonious fusion of ancient and modern works of art.


The legacy of art comes to life within this space, where ancient royalty, highlighted by Venetian mosaics and glorious vaults, magically integrates with the futurism of the cuisine, turning it into the heart of a timeless culinary experience.


Model 1 by Unox Casa fits seamlessly into the imposing stainless steel kitchen, emerging to enrich the environment with its modern and clean lines—an emblem of elegance. The optical perspective converges towards the professional home oven, symbolizing future anticipation in a place where you can breathe in the architectural history of every century.


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A timeless Palazzo | Padua, Italy

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A timeless Palazzo | Padua, Italy

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