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SCOR - Sydney

A workplace fit-out in Sydney's CBD for French reinsurance company, SCOR. A design that is both employee and client-driven, providing a space which promotes individual development as well as collaboration.

A cohesive and harmonious design sees careful consideration taken to ensure each space moves fluidly between the next, whilst addressing the various functional requirements of different areas. Without a receptionist, the spatial planning considers the importance of visitors being able to orientate themselves quickly. Changes in floor finishes delineate each area, specifically the main reception and breakout zone which act as the core of the site, separating the boardrooms from the main office space. Offering a mix of both formal and informal workspaces, individual desks and small meeting rooms, employees are provided with spaces which embody and reflect SCOR’s progressive approach to collaborative working and innovation.

The boardrooms have been strategically placed in order to maximise views of the harbour and to deliver a flexible space suitable for private meetings and larger gatherings. Carefully curated materials which draw upon elements of the site’s surroundings are combined with modern materiality and form, bringing to life the narrative of SCOR. Dark timber veneer, navy hues and tan leather upholstery are employed throughout the space and work harmoniously with SCOR’s branding colours, delivering a space which is both balanced and sophisticated.

Photography by Damian Bennett

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