Ascending to new heights: the silent evolution of ladders

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11 March 2024


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Ladders have been a tool for reaching elevated spaces for centuries, but their design and functionality have undergone a quiet revolution. In this article, we explore the innovative world of ladders and ladder hardware and the resurgence of ladders within our designs.

Ladders have long been the quintessential tool for reaching elevated spaces and, in recent times, have grown in popularity thanks to new innovative designs. Clunky mechanisms and noisy operation that traditionally marred their design and functionality are now a problem of the past thanks to innovations like the Quiet Glide rolling ladder system, which has revolutionised the landscape of ladder hardware.

"We understand that everyone wants their home to be a sanctuary; a beautiful piece of them that boasts functionality and a point of difference,” says Keri Sainty, Sales Manager at Ram Hardware Products.

Ram Hardware Products works alongside homeowners, architects and builders to ensure beautiful and practical spaces in homes and offices. Ram Hardware Products is renowned for bringing durable and unique hardware to the Australian and New Zealand markets, from rolling ladders and rolling door hardware to social-media-worthy hidden storage.

3. Endless applications

The versatility of Quiet Glide ladders extends across diverse environments where silence and efficiency are vital. Popular in libraries and tiny homes, these ladders excel in various settings, offering a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

“Specifiers and homeowners are always looking to maximise the space within the property; more functional space is valuable. With this in mind, we are currently seeing our ladders used in many kitchens, mezzanine floors and walk-in-wardrobes,” says Sainty.

With the increased interest and need for tiny homes in our communities, ladders within these properties have become essential for practical and aesthetic purposes. 

“When designing tiny homes, versatility is key. Tiny home designs often include two loft areas to maximise the limited space available. Detachable ladder systems are frequently utilised here, allowing the same ladder to be used for both areas,” says Sainty.

“Ram Hardware Product’s non-rolling Double Hook hardware kit is a popular choice for people living tiny,” Sanity adds. “Many of our resellers work closely with tiny house companies who install a ladder with the Double Hook hardware kit in every tiny home they build.”

Whether downsizing to a tiny home, accessing books in a serene library or maximising space in a compact living area, Quiet Glide ladders elevate the user experience with their silent operation and ergonomic design.

The Quiet Glide ladder system by Ram Hardware Products represents a significant leap forward in ladder design and functionality. Its silent operation, impeccable craftsmanship, diverse applications, safety features, and extensive customisation options set a new standard for excellence in the industry. Whether in luxurious homes, offices, libraries, or tiny homes, Quiet Glide ladders offer a seamless blend of form and function, enhancing both the accessibility and aesthetics of our elevated spaces.

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