19 of the best fireplaces in Australia to consider for 2024

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27 February 2024


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From wood-burning choices to firepits and tables, there are a tonne of different fireplace options out there to consider and models available for every room in the home.

In this article, we feature a range of wood burning, electric, gas and outdoor fireplaces to give you an idea of the beautiful options available.

The Arlberg 780 wood fireplace combines powerful performance with premium looks. Its large glass area offers a clear view of the flames, contributing to a room's calming atmosphere, Its design focuses on aesthetic burning, employing a sophisticated air system that supports primary and secondary air intake and three-stage combustion. The incorporation of an ecologically safe varnish and the option to connect the air supply for combustion directly from the external environment aid the fire's eco credentials.

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The ADF Hayra 85VL showcases a mid-century modern design with a modern black finish that exudes Scandinavian style. The glass window offers an impressive view of rolling flames, and produces an average heat output of 13.0 kW, ideal for heating areas from 150-200m². The fireplace is designed with attention to detail to give a touch of luxury to any living space, including a gently curved surround compatible with various design styles.

Internally, the fireplace features a flue damper that's designed to reduce smoke ingress into the room during refuelling. When opening the door, the damper automatically fully opens, pulling more air upwards, reducing the chance of any smoke escaping, while when the door is closed, the damper partially closes, which ensures the heat remains inside the firebox.


The Milano Freestanding Fireplace stands as one of Europe's favoured heating solutions. Offering instant warmth upon ignition, it efficiently circulates warm air across a home with two to three bedrooms. Featuring straightforward air controls for effortless operation, this unit is equipped with a cooktop and a splash-back lid, which secures embers after shutdown. Compact and fashionable, the Milano is versatile enough to accommodate both spacious and snug environments.


The Morso 7943 wood-burning fireplace entwines Danish style and elegance. The stove offers a 180-degree view of the flames, with three curved glass panels encasing the fire. The fire provides a powerful output of 12.5kW, making it ideal for rooms up to 150m². The wood store base raises the unit's height and gives the user easy firewood access. Special attention has been paid to every detail, and nowhere is this more evident than the polished stainless steel handle, which contrasts spectacularly with the rich dark grey of the cast iron.


The Cadiz Serpentino cylindrical wood-burning fireplace combines ultralow wood consumption with an efficient, clean burn. Clad in soapstone, the most efficient natural stone for absorbing and holding heat, this fireplace can comfortably warm a 240m2 space for hours on end. The stone's retained heat continues to provide extra warmth for several hours even after the fire has extinguished, often eliminating the necessity for overnight burning.


The Eva 992 wall-mounted fireplace embodies years of artisanal engineering. Crafted from robust 4mm thick steel, each piece is hand-shaped and spun, available in anthracite grey or intense matte black, with additional finishes available upon request. Elegantly suspended from the wall, it offers a captivating 360-degree view of the flames within.


The Kalfire E-One, a state-of-the-art electric fireplace, features realistic flickering flames. It showcases a polished black frame and comes in a variety of premium finishes, ensuring a seamless fit in both traditional and contemporary settings. Furthermore, its advanced heat control system provides users with an easy way to maintain a warm and comfortable temperature in their living areas.


Handmade in the South of France, the Boredelet Lea 998 suspended fireplace is a central hanging wood fire that provides a 360-degree view of the flames. Constructed from durable 4mm thick steel and available in anthracite grey or intense black, this meticulously handcrafted fireplace is a standout addition to any living space.


The Axis H1200DS double-sided fireplace, a panoramic steel unit with a transparent, frameless design, efficiently heats areas up to 200m^2 and comes with a ten-year warranty. Its design allows the beautiful flames to be enjoyed from either side, making it an ideal room divider that adds a relaxing atmosphere to both spaces.


At 1.8 metres in length, the eye-catching ES1800 serves as the perfect centerpiece for large spaces. It boasts an ultra-realistic glowing fuel bed with burning embers, a customizable log layout, and multi-option RGB flames. Enjoy versatile control options: manually on the unit, via remote control, or through an app. It can be wall-mounted using the supplied brackets for a sleek look. The 7-day programmable timer facilitates convenient scheduling, allowing you to turn the fireplace on and off as needed.

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The Patio Horizon Panoramic Outdoor Fireplace by Jetmaster Fireplaces, with its striking design, serves as the perfect focal point for any outdoor patio area. As you can see below, the stunning fireplace effortlessly complements brick or natural stone exteriors exteriors. Porcelain liners create reflections of the flames on three sides of the unit. For safety, it features an optional child safety screen for peace of mind and offers flexible fuel options with LPG and natural gas.


The Escea DS1650 fireplace, with its transparent, frameless design, offers innovative multiple media options and flexible control. Its 1655 x 411mm glass size ensures majestic flames are visible from anywhere in the room. Additionally, it boasts a 200mm TV clearance for safe screen placement above and comfortably heats an area of 160m2.


The modern and stylish Austroflamm 120-45 inbuilt fireplace can sit regally in almost any wall space and warms the heart. Featuring a standout Keramott interior lining, it boasts an impressive balance of thermal insulation and heat conduction. This allows the combustion chamber to quickly reach higher temperatures, ensuring clean, low-emission combustion. It features a smooth-running sliding door on the glazed front, seamlessly blending into the design. Finished with a chrome door handle and a slide window for partial opening, it provides an ideal way to warm up on chilly evenings.


Featuring a hand-crafted, French-engineered steel firebox, the Axis H1400 makes a grand statement in any home. With its impressive 32.5kW output, it ensures your home stays toasty during the colder months. Its sleek, clean, frameless design features a generous glass viewing area, secured with a robust locking mechanism, allowing safe, ample enjoyment of the roaring flames. With a generous 10-year warranty for peace of mind, the Axis H1400 represents opulent warmth worth considering.


With its minimalist nature and design, the Vue Peninsula is an ideal fireplace for open living quarters. Its three-sided design, cantilevered by a wall, offers visibility from all angles and can even act as a room divider. Powered by either natural gas or LPG, it delivers a heat output of 9.15 kW and offers control through either a remote or an app. Its flames mimic realistic burnt logs, emitting radiant heat that's efficiently retained by the double-glazed casing.

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The ADF Hayra 85VL showcases a mid-century modern design with a modern black finish that exudes Scandinavian style. Its glass window offers a stunning view of the flames, with an average heat output of 13.0 kW, perfect for warming areas of 150-200m². Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this fireplace gives a touch of luxury to any space. Internally, the fireplace features a flue damper designed to reduce smoke ingress into the room during refuelling. Upon opening, the damper fully opens to enhance air pull and reduce smoke escape. When closed, it partially shuts to keep the heat contained within the firebox.

The ADF Hayra 85VL masterfully combines elegant design and straightforward operation, offering an unforgettable heating experience.


Constructed from durable 3mm corten steel, the Hibernate Firedrum features double-lined walls for added strength and longevity. A strategically positioned 20mm drainage hole at the base facilitates easy drainage and prevents water accumulation. Three sturdy legs, set behind recessed shadow line details, provide stability and elevate the base 5mm off the ground. The raised base improves air circulation and prevents direct ground contact. This Firedrum is a perfect standalone item for your garden or an ideal insert to any custom surrounds like stone, concrete, or brick that may form part of a gardens design.


The Visionline Smokeless Pit Fire is a slick outdoor firepit that's portable and easy to use. It features a refined stainless steel finish, which enhances its tactile and visual appeal. Its innovative design includes an enhanced lower pedestal with a heat shield to promote airflow and ensure compatibility with heat-sensitive surfaces. At its core, unique floor vents direct air to the coal bed, and additional vents near the lip release fire jets, minimising smoke and ensuring efficient ventilation. It's portable nature means you can move the firepit to wherever you need it, and enjoy the roaring flames in any outdoor location.


The Hergóm Zenith Cast Iron Fire Pit is a wood-burning fire pit ideal for gardens and patios. Made in Spain, this fire pit features a robust design with heavy-duty cast iron construction, protected by a high-temperature-resistant coating. Its enamelled baking surfaces ensure safe cooking and easy cleaning. It includes an adaptable outer ring, enabling customization of griddles and grills, with its iron composition enhancing heat retention. At the perfect height for outdoor cooking, it excels at dinner parties and outdoor gatherings.

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You should now have abundant fireplace inspiration from the choices we've featured. The right fireplace can heat your home, but it can also be a contemporary feature that provides moments of joy for years.

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