How to choose a fireplace that works in your space

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05 March 2024


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There’s no longer a need for compromise when a traditional fireplace can’t be installed with new-generation electric fireplaces delivering impressive results.

Installing a traditional fireplace with a flue isn’t always possible – whether it be as a result of budget constraints, or due to restrictions such as those faced by apartment owners. 

Thankfully, this isn’t the case with every fireplace available on the market today. 

Electric fireplaces are ideal in places like apartment buildings where a typical gas or a wood burning fireplace would require a flue either through the roof or through the wall,” says Daryl Crowley from Jetmaster Fireplaces.

“In theory, there’s no home that can’t take an electric fireplace – they’re generally installable anywhere.”

The technology available today also means there’s no compromise in aesthetics, with options such as the Luminosa 150 producing flames that mimic the appearance of a real fire. 

“It has such a realistic-looking fire because the LED screen gives so many different flame effects. In the past when you couldn’t have a gas fire and you were only allowed to have an electric fire, it meant a compromise on aesthetics.

“Now, electric fires have come such a long way that it’s not a compromise and options such as the Luminosa aren’t exclusive to apartments – it certainly lends itself to any application where you can’t put a flue inside.”

The Luminosa 150 electric fireplace

Featuring new Real Flame Technology, the Luminosa provides clear, realistic flames – a mesmerising dance of embers in the flame effect, paired with realistic smoke and pulsating lighting across the various shapes and sizes of birch logs. 

Controlled via an app, the appearance of the fire can be changed depending on mood with 16 colour options providing different levels of brightness and size of flames.

Choose from a glowing, natural amber tone or take your pick from any of the eight other shades – all easily controlled with the press of a button. The colours can also be set to gradually shift from one to another, creating an ever-changing display. 

“This new electric fireplace is particularly exciting – it’s a cut above with its wide LED screen,” says Crowley.

What to know: electric fireplace installation and cost

With no approvals required for installation and minimal work required, it is quick and cost-effective to install an electric fireplace in your home.

“If you’re a homeowner or a design professional specifying a fireplace, a lot of the time you have to consider where the flue is going to go. Is there a bathroom above it? What kind of other materials are needed? How close can the TV be to the fireplace?

“There are a bunch of variables to consider, whereas, with an electric fireplace, nothing is stopping you from putting it where you want. The TV can be installed directly above it and you don’t have to worry about extra materials – all you need to consider is if it’s the right size for your space and if you’re happy with the aesthetic,” says Crowley. 

A gas fireplace of the same size as the Luminosa 150 sits at around the $10,000 or more mark, often with additional installation costs associated with the need for a flue and specific heatproof materials. 

“On the other hand, an electric fireplace doesn't require that – you can just do standard gyprock. So, it’s a cheaper appliance to purchase and you save on the installation materials as well because you don’t need anything specific for it.

“You can put one in at your convenience. It all comes built into the frame and you can just plug it in.”

Generally, electric fireplaces – including the Luminosa 150 – will generate around two kilowatts of heat, which will heat approximately 20-30sqm depending on the space. 

“With electric fireplaces, the only thing you have to consider regarding space is whether you have the right wall size,” says Crowley.

“But as far as heating capacity goes, it is a standard two kilowatts. It means you’re able to choose your fireplace based mostly on the aesthetic you want. So, you’re choosing much more on the aesthetic you want, rather than what’s technically required for the space.” 

If you’re searching for an electric fireplace for your home, learn more about the Luminosa 150 or the range of options available from Jetmaster Fireplaces.

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