9 kitchen cabinet handle trends in Australia

22 March 2022


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Updating your cabinet handles and pulls are a great way to change the feel of your kitchen quickly and easily. Pulls come in many shapes and sizes with styles constantly evolving. The kitchen cabinet handles trends that are popular right now are nothing short of inspirational.

Kitchen renovations are booming all over the country with one in every three Australian homeowners planning a kitchen remodel in the next year. While kitchen handles and pulls might seem like a small detail in the overall scheme of things, you’d be surprised how much impact they have both on a functional and stylistic level. There are also more options than you might think, many of which are incredibly well designed and eye-catching.

Armac Martin Jaspette Collection from The English Tapware Company

1. Oversized pulls

As oversized doors become more and more popular, oversized doorknobs have followed suit. Large and bold cabinet door handles can already be found in kitchens right across Australia.

This pull style is typically a bar and can come in an array of finishes. Oversized drawer pulls provide a sleek and bold modern minimalism to any kitchen. They can be used vertically, to create the illusion of more height to your cabinets, or horizontally, for a clean and unique feel.

They are often paired up with smaller drawer pulls in the same style. To get the right look, aim for a low-profile, long rail handle in a finish that will match your design.

Stirling Collection Handles from Touch Handles

2. Creative modern finishes

Kitchen cabinet hardware does not need to be dull. Designs can come in almost any shape, size, and finish, and hardware trends are bringing us towards bold knobs and pulls that demand attention.

For example, a unique, flowing handle that looks like it is streaming right out of your cabinets has almost surrealist qualities. They are sleek and modern and capture one’s attention immediately.

Also fashionable at the moment are wood finishes. Traditionally, metal and glass cornered the market in Australia. Wooden handles create a natural atmosphere of modern luxury in your kitchen and guests will be sure to take notice of this unique finish.

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Chicama Wave Timber Handles from Touch Handles

3. Leather cabinet handles

Leather handles are another unique example that is both modern and classic, creating a sense of warmth in your home.

Leather is a durable alternative to traditional metals and adds a nice textural element to your kitchen. The bold and rustic look of leather can be used in a variety of styles, from bright contemporary kitchens to updated farmhouse-style spaces.

Leather handles come in many different styles, from long handles to cabinet knobs. Leather also is available in a wide range of shades, so you will be sure to find one that suits your kitchen’s colour scheme.

Hyde Collection Handles from Touch Handles

4. Minimalist cabinet pulls

Minimalism is a trend that is far from over and sleek kitchen designs continue to surge in popularity. When it comes to drawer pulls, a minimalist kitchen demands as low-profile a drawer pull as is possible.

Keep it simple with a flush cabinet handle. A flush handle will sit back into the cabinet so handles will not be jutting out into the open space, retaining the minimalist look.

Try to match the colour of your drawer pulls to the finish of your kitchen faucets. Matching finishes will boost your kitchen’s minimalist feel by avoiding mixed metals and creating a cohesive finish.

Atley Flush Pull Round Handle from ABI Interiors

5. Unique stone handles

Stone hardware is an amazing metal alternative. Durable and bold, stone pulls are ideal for a unique and elegant kitchen. Stone looks and feels expensive, giving your kitchen the perfect high-end touch.

Textured handles look amazing in modern style kitchens. They are quickly moving up on the list of kitchen cabinet handle trends and understandably so.

Deminico Rocks Knobs Collection from Touch Handles

6. Industrial pulls

An industrial space is all about looking as intentionally unfinished as possible. Finishes are what create the final look, so picking the right fittings, kitchen features and light fixtures is crucial.

Textured hardware is the way to go for an industrial kitchen. Smooth edges can reduce the overall appearance of an industrial kitchen, so try to keep things a bit on the rougher side.

Material is just as important to take into consideration for an industrial look. The right hardware should lend more to the edgy, unfinished feel. Aim for oil-rubbed bronze or matte black.

ABI Tezra Textured Cabinetry Knob from ABI Interiors

7. Ornate knobs and pulls

Vintage and up-cycled hardware is a major kitchen trend this year. Maximalism is surging and your hardware should have some texture and detail to match that.

When looking for the right drawer pulls, look for pieces with lots of detail. Mixed materials are completely acceptable here - we are not aiming for sleek and modern in this kitchen design. The more interest a knob creates, the better!

Trianon Collection Handles from Touch Handles

8. Half circle pulls

Half-moon handles are a unique option that works in a wide array of kitchen designs. Effortless and functional, half-moons come in a wide range of textures and materials, such as wood, brass finishes, other metals and stone. Their diversity makes it possible for half-moon hardware to work in almost any space.

For truly unique hardware, check out hammered metal half moon pulls. Hammered metal creates amazing texture, and no two pieces are the same. Hammered metal half-moons create a bold statement and a premium feel, perfect for any new kitchen.

Joseph Giles Hammered Half Moon Pull Handle from The English Tapware Company

9. Classic kitchen cabinet handles trends

With trends moving as fast as they do, classic knobs are a safe way to keep your kitchen looking great through the years. Look for something low-profile, round, and smooth. Something low maintenance and durable is a great way to ensure the pulls will last through the years.

Sophisticated elegance loves a classic drawer pull. Aim for hardware that comes in brushed nickel or polished nickel. These materials are sleek and timeless, perfect for a pristine kitchen.

Momo Handles Trafalgar Collection from the Furnware Group

Some great kitchen cabinet handles trends to inspire you

As you can see there are some fantastic kitchen cabinet handles trends to take inspiration from. Handles come in a wide array of styles and materials but no matter your kitchen design, you are sure to find kitchen cabinet hardware that matches your style today and for years to come.

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