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Bathroom Sink Styling: 8 ways To Do A Lot With A Little

Bathroom Sink Styling: 8 ways To Do A Lot With A Little

You've been keeping up with your bathroom cleaning schedule. Your bathroom counter looks good, but it should look great. You might not know it, but there may be issues with your bathroom sink styling. It’s an area worth looking into and you’d be surprised how small changes can make a big difference.

Words by Yohei Guy

If you feel like your bathroom needs a bit of a spruce up but don’t want to do something as drastic as a full renovation then a bit of styling here and there is probably your best bet. Styling can be applied with a delicate touch, using simple and subtle techniques that make a big impact with minimal fuss. There are more than a few ideas to consider and try as well, with something to suit every style of bathroom and the personality of the household as well.

1. Get organised with storage

Is your bathroom vanity unit choc-full of toiletries and accessories that have spilt out into your bathroom sink in a slightly chaotic fashion? It’s a common bathroom situation that needs to be dealt with as a cluttered sink will make your bathroom quickly feel small and claustrophobic.

You could go a couple of ways here. A sleek new vanity with plenty of inbuilt storage makes for a practical and convenient solution.

If you're on a budget, a simple floor-standing unit that contains baskets or canvas drawers will give you a chance to free up your counter space and stow away your essentials, keeping them out of sight and out of mind. During the process, you might also find you have a lot of things you no longer need too.

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2. Use colour to brighten a small space

If you've got a small bathroom, then make use of the latest design trends by investigating modern colour schemes to make your space look bigger. Pale and neutral tones are a great place to start as they will naturally reflect the light around your bathroom, making it feel more spacious.

A splash of paint on your existing bathroom vanity and walls around your sink with this approach will bring an instant freshness to the space. Alternatively, some glossy tiles as a backsplash to your basin will give it a cool, breezy feel. There are some great options to consider including classic subway tiles to stunning mosaics providing a great point of difference.

3. Elevate your bathroom essentials

Beside every basin is a bottle of hand wash or a bar of soap, both of which take up valuable counter space. A floating soap dish or soap dispenser will help you free up your surface, making your bathroom feel calmer and more serene.

The same can be done with your toothpaste and toothbrushes by way of floating tumblers. Again this makes use of otherwise unused space, keeping your counters clean, uncluttered and free.

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4. Floating shelves for storage and charm

Another great idea is to introduce floating shelves in and around your basin giving you the opportunity to store more products that you might use including hand lotions and moisturisers.

You can also use floating shelves to display decorative features like candles, ornaments and/or a small vase of flowers, beautifying your area while making it more intimate and personal.

Shelves reduce the burden on your countertop and vanities, so much so that you might get away with a slightly smaller vanity if you wish. This can make your bathroom seem bigger as open shelves create a line of sight straight through to the wall, as opposed to cabinets and vanities which do not.

5. Create a spa-like atmosphere

When you think of a spa, you think of peaceful tranquillity, and that's the feeling you want to bring to your bathroom. One way to bring a sense of peace and unity is to use matching bathroom accessories.

Toothbrush holders, bins, tumblers, soap dishes and dispenser etc that match will bring your bathroom together and create a sense of harmony. And this translates into the small details, too. Even a modest towel ring that matches your bathroom fittings can create a coherent sense of style that can go a long way.

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6. Don’t forget to look down

When styling a sink you need to think about what’s beneath your feet too when standing at the basin as this has a direct impact on your experience. With that in mind, the bath mat presents a great opportunity to introduce some style that ties in with your sink.

We often tend to pick a bath mat that matches our towels and don't give it any more thought. Why not instead add a unique twist to your bathroom sink by installing a showstopping rug in front of it? A colourful rug will add personality and zing to your sink area, and new life to the space. It’ll also be super comfortable underfoot, satisfying multiple senses at once.

7. Bigger means better for mirrors

As far as bathroom sink styling ideas go, few have arguably more impact than the inclusion of a standout mirror above your bathroom sink. A large mirror will maximise light, but it'll also mean that more than one person can use it at the same time. This is great for couples and families who naturally have times when they’re competing for space around the sink.

For a small bathroom, a wide mirror that spans beyond the sink area will make it look more spacious. And if your home has high ceilings, then take advantage of them by installing a tall mirror. It'll work to draw the eye upward, as well as be a practical feature in your bathroom.

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8. Be closer to nature

An indoor plant is a great way to bring energy and life into your bathroom, and what better place to have them than by your sink. Hopefully, by following some of the recommendations above you would’ve cleared some of the clutter, creating space for some small potted plants to freshen the space.

Succulents and low-light plants are great for bathrooms, as they can take moisture from the air without the need for constant sunlight. For the cleanest air something like a snake plant will be your perfect companion given its unique ability to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen at night.

Bathroom sink styling done well

Your bathroom sink is the focal point of activity in the bathroom. It has to be highly functional but as we’ve shown can be styled to look great as well. For the best bathroom sink styling, clear away the clutter, organise your essentials, and showcase your personality. Focus on the tiny things, and maximise your space to create an ideal environment that you can enjoy day in, day out.

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