ELITE is a premium quality table box that has been designed to incorporate the existing table material as the lid. The combination of seamlessly incorporating the existing tabletop with OE Elsafe’s sturdy undercarriage results in a professional-looking high-quality flush-mounted box ideal for boardroom tables, conference tables and more. 

ELITE comes in two sections, (no lids supplied, use existing table material)

  • the fully adjustable frame for easy flush mounting of the lid material 
  • and the sturdy, sleek undercarriage allowing for quick and easy installation.

The undercarriage of the ELITE has been designed to accept industry-standard soft close hinges that best suit the lid material. The ELITE chassis can be ordered with any combination of Power, Data, AV and TUF USB fast charging. ELITE comes as a single or double-sided option.

  • Category
    Office Accessories
  • Warranty
    2 years

Single or double-sided incorporating the surface material as the lid (Joiner to manufacture required lids)

Lid material is edged with a black brush pile to enable cable feed while keeping dust and dirt out.
Insulation: QikFIT modules with reinforced insulation.
Testing: 100% testing – continuity, polarity, insulation & earth.

Soft Wiring (power): Power via Wieland GST connector allows starter cables to be changed to suit requirements, especially useful during moves and changes (CHURN)

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