The ideal choice for heating the majority of floor finishes, including stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles. Our in-screed heaters are designed to be installed directly onto your existing subfloor. The screed bed can then be laid over the floor heating cables. The heaters, in combination with our smart programmable thermostats, ensure heating efficiency and economical running costs. In-screed heaters come in 14 standard lengths and can be combined to heat large areas.

The Coldbuster in-screed heating cable is a bi-directional, single-ended 6mm heating cable, rated at 18W/m and supplied as a cable on a roll. To achieve the required wattage per square meter, secure the cable at the spacing centres according to the simple formula provided. The In Screed Heating Cable has a single 3m long cold tail lead that can be connected to a programmable or manual thermostat control. A range of 14 standard lengths or a combination of these lengths caters for all area sizes and shapes.

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The Coldbuster in-screed under floor heating cable is:

  • Teflon coated, 6mm thin loose heating cable, supplied on a reel with a single 3m long cold tail
  • 18W/lineal meter

Included in each kit:

  • In-Screed Heater on a reel
  • Installation Monitor (element alarm) with battery
  • Installation Manual
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Note: Thermostats sold separately

Basic Installation Instructions:

  • Calculate the cable spacing based on the floor area to be heated and the length of the heater (formula on each heater box and inside the installation manual.
  • Plan heater layout before securing the heating to the subfloor in order to ensure it will fit properly into the floor space available
  • Ways to fix the heating cable to the subfloor:Non-Wet Areas
  • Suitable for majority of floor finishes, including stone, ceramic tiles, slate, porcelain, limestone, marble, terracotta and more.
  • Designed to be installed directly on the existing sub floor or on top of waterproofing. The screed layer is then applied on top of the heaters and floor finish is laid over the top of the screed.
  • Easy DIY install or Coldbuster installation services are available.
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