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Engineering is about creating
Engineering is as much about mathematics and science as it is about architecture and space.  We must understand all of these at the highest level if we are to do our work to the high expectations our clients demand, and that we set for ourselves.  We focus on the skills of our talented staff, which allow us to collaborate at a different level with other engineering firms.  From preliminary advice and sketches, through the design stages and into site work; our contributions are at a different level.

Every project is a collaboration
Collaboration requires listening and understanding followed by proactive participation in the discussion.  It is the understanding of the architectural vision that guides the solution.  It is our focus on the collaborative process and the details embedded in that vision that sets us apart.  We provide solutions that enhance and enrich the architecture. Our ability to listen to the story of the project, buy into the story, be an active participant and help create a safe environment in which to explore ideas, is something we actively encourage with our teams.

Choose an award-winning team
Cantilever Consulting Engineers is one of the most sought after structural engineering firms for architectural buildings in Sydney.  Our focus is on high-end architectural buildings where an experienced eye for design is required and where solutions above the ordinary are required. Founded in 2010 our award-winning team of 15 have completed over 3000 projects.  We are known for our dedication to excellence, innovation and sustainability and our understanding of design.

Limitations that are celebrated
Engineering solutions must ensure a safe and serviceable structure.   It must be cost-efficient and it must fit into the architectural vision and project brief.  It is important to celebrate these limitations and not to see them as hindrances. This is backed by our clear vision of sustainability. Sustainability starts at the beginning of a project and carries through to the end.  - It is not an add-on but is fully integrated into our process.  At each stage in the design process our choice of materials must satisfy our four-tiered sustainability criteria: is the solution durable, flexible, economical, and considered.  Finding ‘a’ solution does not mean finding ‘the’ solution.

Transform the complex into the simple
We approach each project as a unique challenge.  Every solution must be bespoke and tailored for the project. The key to solving complex challenges is to come at the problem from different angles until you can turn the challenge into a simple solution.

Supported by the sophisticated and the humble
Our systems are supported by the Radial WorkMAP, world-leading analysis software and, where commercial products cannot go, our own in-house systems.  We may use the most sophisticated structural engineering analysis programs and BIM software but we still know the power of the humble pencil.

Recognition is appreciated
Our portfolio contains more than 50 buildings that have been recognised within the industry as outstanding achievements. This includes more than 20 projects that have been awarded architectural awards, and 3 projects with named architectural awards.

Commit to something meaningful
We have a strong set of core values placed into three main categories:  commitment to the community, development and learning, and successful collaboration. Our holistic core purpose for being here has two components both as a business and as individuals: positive contributions to society, and to be role models.

Never settle for the ordinary
Our strength is our willingness to be a proactive contributor to the design; our willingness to explore and then explore again; our willingness to never shy away from a challenge.

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