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​Welcome to Carvus, where luxury meets craftsmanship in the world of marble bathtubs. We are a boutique business that takes pride in bringing the timeless beauty of handcrafted marble bathtubs from the skilled artisans of India to the shores of Australia. 

"At Carvus, we not only are dedicated to crafting exquisite luxury marble bathtubs but also to preserving the art of hand stone carving. Our commitment to this ancient and invaluable craft is woven into the very fabric of our brand, and it is a mission close to our hearts."

Our Story

Founded by two individuals with diverse backgrounds - one, a heritage and architecture specialist, and the other, with a strong foundation in finance and economics - Carvus is a testament to our shared passion for blending artistry and functionality to enhance your bathing experience.

Carvus, headquartered in Australia, specialises in the artful creation of luxurious handcrafted stone bathtubs, sourcing premium materials from India and collaborating with skilled artisans to meticulously craft each masterpiece. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver the pinnacle of bathing luxury, accompanied by exceptional customer service.

The Art of Marble

Marble transcends mere materiality; it becomes a canvas for artistic expression. At Carvus, we exalt the innate beauty of marble's intricate veining and textures. Each piece of marble narrates a distinctive story, and within our bathtubs, we endeavor to breathe life into these captivating tales, crafting elegant sanctuaries that celebrate the individuality of every stone.

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