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UniCote® steel is designed and made for Australia, but to also inspire and challenge the Australian pre-painted steel landscape. Starting with a highly durable product, the Unicote range offers everything from classic colours to modern patterned and textured steel finishes. Combining the world’s best coil coating technology with rigorous Australian standards testing, it provides superior performance and stunning aesthetics that go beyond most building materials.

UniCote® is a brand of pre painted steel offered by Selection Steel which is an Australian owned company with almost 50 years’ experience in the Australian steel and building industries. Over the course of four decades, we’ve become known for our quality world-class products which help create beautiful designs and architecture.

Selection Steel offers bespoke and unique pre-painted steel products and solutions that are not only innovative, but provide the ability to push the boundaries of Architectural design and stand out from the crowd with long lasting, stunning patterns and finishes. With a wide range of versatile products offering versatility and uniqueness of the products offers endless options for those with creative flare on projects from for small residential developments all the way up to large scale commercial builds

Our offers:

  • UniCote® LUX: Pre-painted patterned steel in a wide range of options including timber-look steels, rusted iron and corten looking steel, natural Zinc patterns and exotic patterns. 
  • MagnaFlow™: Pre-painted steel suitable for coastal and corrosive environments with added protection leading the way in the industry backed by strong warranties 
  • UniCote®: Pre-painted steel in a wide range of Australian and bespoke colours backed by strong warranties
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