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Donald St Renovation, Prahran

Renovating a single fronted Victorian terrace house always poses a unique set of challenges.  The sites are often long and narrow with two-period bedrooms at the front and a collection of ad-hoc additions to the rear which is a reflection of the changing needs of the owners over the last century.  This creates houses that are generally poorly planned, consist of cramped spaces with limited natural light, and with little connection to the outdoors.

So the brief for this renovation was to keep the front two bedrooms and to add an extension with 2 more bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, separate laundry and a light, spacious and modern kitchen, dining and living room opening out directly to the backyard.

Downstairs the bathroom, laundry, and stairs, clad in a painted timber-lined box, were located in between the bedrooms and living spaces, with access to light via light courts on the north side.  This allowed for a clear transition between new and old, better access to services, as well as allowing the living room to open up uninterrupted to the backyard.

On the first floor, the two bedrooms and ensuite were strategically located so as to allow skylights to the living spaces below, as well as respect the amenity of the neighbouring properties.

The new living area opens up towards the garden, via fully openable stacker doors to allow the backyard to be part of the house, allow sunlight to penetrate into the living spaces in the winter months, and allow for natural ventilation to run through the entire house.

The materials were carefully chosen to provide texture and subtle variety to give each space its' own individuality and to create different moods throughout the house, in particular with the selection of floor and wall tiles, light fittings, and floor finishes.

Photography: Folded Bird Photography

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