Expert tips: Choosing the right interior solar shading fabrics and blinds to beat the heat and save energy

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21 April 2024


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In the quest for a comfortable and energy-efficient home, the selection of interior solar shading fabrics and blinds plays a pivotal role.

Selecting the right interior solar shading fabrics and blinds not only contributes to managing light and heat but also plays a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics of a space. To unravel the intricacies of this decision-making process, we sat down with Scott Comino from Verosol, a leading authority in solar shading solutions.


Factors to consider for optimising energy efficiency

Different types of blinds and shades have varying effects on the amount of heat and light entering a room. Cellular blinds are great thermal insulators, while roller blinds, and curtains offer versatile solutions for regulating sunlight based on preferences and climate. Verosol's range of blinds, including cellular blinds and roller blinds, provides homeowners with options to effectively manage heat and light, contributing to energy efficiency.

When aiming to optimise energy efficiency through interior solar shading, homeowners must consider several key factors:

Fabric Type and Composition: Opting for fabrics specifically designed for solar control, such as Verosol's SilverScreen, can actively reflect heat and reduce glare. Transparency levels and energy performance are crucial considerations.

Energy Performance: Reflectivity and insulation properties of fabrics play a vital role in regulating indoor temperatures. Verosol's SilverScreen fabrics, with their high reflectivity and insulating properties are ideal for regulating temperature.

Aesthetics and Visual Appeal: Balancing performance with visual appeal is essential. Verosol offers a range of fabric options that provide both functionality and design flexibility, ensuring that homeowners can achieve their desired aesthetic without compromising on energy efficiency.

Control Options: Automation, such as motorised blinds, allows for precise control over light and heat, optimising energy usage while enhancing convenience and safety.

Whole-home Approach: Consulting with Verosol Window Covering Specialists can provide tailored advice for optimising energy efficiency across all windows, ensuring a holistic approach to solar shading solutions.


Characteristics of fabrics for heat reduction & natural light filtration

One of the common misconceptions about fabrics and heat is that dark colours block more heat. 

“While dark colours generally provide a better view through to the outside, dark screen fabrics also absorb and retain more heat,  which is subsequently reradiated back into the interior. Lighter screen colours tend to reflect sunlight and help keep interiors cooler, however, they also produce a great deal of uncomfortable glare. ” shares Scott. 

This is where fabrics like Verosol’s SilverScreen provide increased levels solar of control, occupant comfort & glare reduction, regardless of the fabric colour selected.

Not all fabrics are equal when it comes to solar shading. Different fabrics have varying levels of transparency, reflectivity, and insulation properties.

“Homeowners should consider the specific purpose of each room. For example, bedrooms may require blackout fabrics for privacy and better sleep, while living areas can benefit from light-filtering fabrics that allow natural light.”

When selecting fabrics for heat reduction while allowing natural light to filter through, Verosol's SilverScreen fabrics offer a comprehensive solution independent of the fabric colour selected. With high solar reflectivity, openness factors, and blackout options, these fabrics provide homeowners with the flexibility to tailor their solar shading solutions to achieve optimal comfort.

In regions with diverse climates, choosing interior solar shading solutions that can adapt to varying temperature extremes is crucial. Verosol's SilverScreen fabrics, with their adaptable nature and insulating properties, offer homeowners a versatile solution for achieving year-round comfort and energy savings.


Emerging technologies & trends

Emerging technologies such as smart automation and integration with smart home ecosystems are redefining the landscape of interior solar shading solutions. Motorised blinds combined with new smart automation options and controls are where the latest trends in technology have been developed and released to the market. 

“Homeowners should consider the style, performance, operation, cleaning requirements, and maintenance when selecting these options,” shares Scott. 

Motionblinds integrate with smart platforms including Google, Apple, Amazon, SmartThings & ABB. They use Thread, a low-power, secure mesh networking protocol that enhances communication between smart devices. Thread enables Matter compatibility, ensuring future interoperability with other smart home devices. 

“Verosol’s 45mm Cellular blinds use Motionblinds motors that integrate with all smart platforms,” shares Scott. “Zigbee 3.0 technology is another interoperable, secure IoT solution that connects smart home devices to a consistent network and language. Somfy’s TaHoma switch integrates Zigbee, Radio Technology Somfy (RTS), and future ecosystems. It can utilise voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home to operate blinds.”

Zigbee is open and scalable, creating an ecosystem of products that work seamlessly together. It can provide day and night programming allowing you to set your blinds to match your sleep patterns. It also provides weather integration to close blinds automatically based on weather data. Verosol’s range of roller blinds are available using Zigbee.

Long-term cost savings & environmental benefits

Investing in high-quality interior solar shading fabrics and blinds, such as Verosol's SilverScreen fabrics, offers significant long-term cost savings and environmental benefits. From heat reduction and energy efficiency to environmental certifications, Verosol fabrics provide a sustainable and economically sound investment for homeowners, contributing to a greener future.

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