Invisible engineering: discover the art of concealed door hinges

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13 March 2024


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As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, and when curating your dream home, this is all too true.

When it comes to curating your dream space, there’s a crucial element you probably haven’t thought of, and it could quite possibly make or break the aesthetic you’re after. Hinges! Style-wise, these quiet achievers make a more significant impact than you might think, and there is one type that comes highly recommended.

Concealed door hinges are a clever choice for any home. Hidden within the door frame, they’re sleek, durable, and promise functionality without detracting from the look you’re after - these make the perfect addition to the minimalist or ultra-moderist's interior.

We spoke to Sandeep from Keeler Hardware, learning how these small workhorses can enhance your home's appearance, diving into some of his tips and tricks for choosing the perfect door hinges and recommending some of his favourite products on the market today.

This TECTUS concealed hinge from Halliday + Baillie compliments the sleek aesthetic of the natural timber door frame
Concealed door hinges promise a streamlined effect to any living space

In terms of functionality, what advantages do concealed door hinges offer compared to traditional door hinges?

While the main appeal of a concealed hinge is aesthetics, there are a few functional advantages:

Unlike a standard hinge that is totally fixed, some concealed hinges can be adjusted (depth, vertically & horizontally), which will ensure that the door is always aligned for correct operation.

In terms of security, when the door is closed, it prevents anyone from knocking the pin out to gain entry like you can on a standard exposed hinge.

A small number of concealed hinges incorporate a self-closing mechanism to ensure the door closes behind you and mitigates the need to install a door closer to the door.

Can you provide some guidance around different materials and finishes available for concealed door hinges and how these choices impact both form and function? 

Concealed hinges are typically made from mixed alloys, aluminium, and stainless steel, with stainless steel adding some extra strength and suitability for external or coastal use. The most common finish is satin chrome/stainless steel, but some manufacturers also offer a range of finishes to match the rest of your door hardware and interior design (black, white, satin brass, polished chrome and others).

Do you have any advice for home builders who want to incorporate concealed door hinges into their projects that also ensure optimal performance and longevity? 

Pay close attention to the hinge's rating for correct opening angles, weight-bearing and fire rating if required. Check for the best suitable hinge for your door thickness and weight. Most suppliers will have a specific chart to assist with finding the best-suited product for each application - if you are not sure of the exact weight of your door, always overestimate the weight to be safe. If using a door closer, opt for something that has a lower opening force requirement, like a cam action door closer.

Halliday & Baillie Tectus Concealed Hinge in Silver Matt

How do concealed door hinges contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of a space, and what styles or design themes have you seen complement the best?

Concealed hinges' biggest appeal is the aesthetic benefits it provides by eliminating the unsightly butt hinge, which is visible. They provide clean lines in the room and are perfect for minimalist or ultra-modern looks.

Can you share some of your favourite concealed door hinges from Keeler Hardware? 

Bellevue's range of concealed hinges is of great quality and has arguably the greatest number of options and finishes while still being affordable. The newly stocked Halliday & Baillie are also very good as a premium option with some unique finishes. 

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