These built-in fridge designs combine elegance, functionality and efficiency

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15 July 2024


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With seamless integration and sleek design, Liebherr’s new built-in fridges effortlessly elevate kitchen spaces to new heights.

Innovation in refrigeration and freezer products is nothing new for Liebherr, a leading brand with 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing appliances for domestic, commercial, pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. 

The Liebherr IRBPh 5170 Built-In Refrigerator and the IRBh 5170 Peak BioFresh Pro Refrigerator are the latest to join the impressive range – each offering exquisite design and exceptional performance.

Introducing the Liebherr IRBPh 5170 Built-In Refrigerator: where functionality and elegance combine

“Embodying the ethos of innovation and refinement, the Liebherr IRBPh 5170 epitomises understated elegance with its stainless steel exterior and meticulously crafted interior,” says Liebherr’s Robin Werth. 

Featuring a unique interior design called OpenStage, the 270-litre fridge makes the most of its size with adjustable shelves, transparent drawers and versatile door bins providing users with unparalleled organisational options. The OpenStage shelving brings a boutique delicatessen experience into the home as food is displayed in an accessible and visually pleasing way with supreme versatility.

“Inspired by refrigerated display cases in fine delicatessens, the OpenStage concept elegantly showcases your food. Thanks to the transparent glass drawers you can have everything perfectly displayed. The different heights make it easy to store food of different sizes. In the bottom OpenStage drawer, practical dividers ensure bottles are held securely in place,” says Werth.

As well as style, the refrigerator performs on a sustainability level.

“This unique refrigerator exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and energy conservation with a 5-star rating.”

The IRBh 5170 Peak BioFresh Refrigerator: Exquisite design and exceptional performance

Also combining style with practicality and sustainability, the IRBh 5170 features an impressive 6-star energy rating – making it one of the most energy-efficient integrated models on the market.

“The Liebherr IRBh 5170 Peak BioFresh Refrigerator sets a new standard for sophistication and functionality in modern kitchens,” says Werth.

At 293 litres, users can experience unmatched versatility with the Liebherr IRBh 5170's customisable storage options. From adjustable shelves to transparent drawers, organising your groceries has never been easier.

“Every item finds its perfect place within this meticulously designed refrigerator, ensuring optimal freshness and convenience.”

The fridge also comes with Liebherr’s SuperCool function (for fast chilling to assist with food preservation).
The fridge also comes with Liebherr’s SuperCool function (for fast chilling to assist with food preservation).

Revolutionising food preservation with BioFresh technology

The IRBPh 5170 and IRBh 5170 refrigerators both benefit from Liebherr’s BioFresh technology, resulting in prolonged freshness of consumables.

BioFresh with HydroBreeze: Do you want to cool fruit and vegetables like professionals? You’ll be inspired by HydroBreeze. The cold mist combined with a temperature in the safe of just over 0°C gives food that extra boost for longer shelf life. It also brings an added wow factor. HydroBreeze is activated every 90 minutes for 4 seconds and for 8 seconds when the door is opened.

BioFresh fruit and vegetable safe: The most delicate foods – think crunchy salad and strawberries – deserve a special place so they stay fresh longer. Liebherr's solution to this is its BioFresh safes. In the fruit and vegetable BioFresh safe, the temperature is close to 0°C. Combined with the constant humidity, thanks to the air-tight closure, unpackaged fruit and vegetables feel particularly at home. You don't have to adjust anything.

BioFresh meat and dairy safe: Do you want the tender veal fillet and fresh milk to stay fresh for as long as possible? The BioFresh safes will ensure this is the case. In the meat and dairy safe, the temperature is close to 0°C with a lower humidity – ideal drier storage conditions for even the most delicate of foods. Best of all, everything is perfectly adjusted in the factory for immediate use – and for longer freshness.

Fish and seafood safe: Love fish? Liebherr fridges keep fish fresh. The fish and seafood safe stores fish and seafood at the optimum temperature of -2°C, as professionally as your fishmonger. Adjust the size of the -2°C zone as much as you want and store the remaining meat and dairy products at the optimum 0°C. An LED display indicates that the -2°C zone is currently active.

Dressed to impress

Elegantly concealed in the kitchen cabinetry with the SoftSystem closing mechanism ensuring whisper-quiet closure, the refrigerators each bring understated elegance to the cooking space – often the heart of the home.

Ambient interior lighting brings a special design touch. Paired with the SmartSteel-designed rear wall and the sleek black high-gloss fan, a captivating and ambient atmosphere is created.

“The LightTower also shows off the food in its best light and is positioned so that all of your filled fridge is illuminated at all times. The flush mounting of the LightTower in the side walls means there is also more space for your food,” says Werth.

“Control of your Liebherr is also at your fingertips; thanks to the touch and swipe display, you can operate your refrigerator intuitively and with ease. Simply select functions such as SuperCool on the colour display by tapping and swiping. The temperature is controlled just as easily. And, what if you are not actively using the display? Well, it then shows you the actual temperature.”

To learn more about the IRBPh 5170 and IRBh 5170 refrigerators and how they will elevate your home, get in touch with Liebherr. Explore more products and projects from the brand on ArchiPro.

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