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The top bathroom trends for 2022

The top bathroom trends for 2022

You open the door to your bathroom and find yourself a bit... uninspired by the decor. But before you change things up, you start to wonder to yourself, what are the latest trends for bathrooms? There are so many incredible design ideas on the rise this year that some of them are sure to inspire you. Here's what to look forward to and perhaps incorporate into your own home.

Words by Yohei Guy

Classic white — and a spa-like feeling

One of the top design trends to look forward to is a spa-like aesthetic. And what's lighter and airier and more serene than a classic white bathroom — complete with the white dressing gown, too?

There's a reason why simple white bathroom furniture is very much in style. People want their bathrooms to feel like retreats or sanctuaries they can visit in their own homes. So, if you need a bit of an escape, then you might consider swapping a more colourful space for one that's all white.

Spa vibes at a private residence in Bondi - Photographer: Thilo Pulch

Create a focal wall

Now, we've touched on the spa aesthetic and the eternal love for a classic white bathroom. But if you prefer your space to be a bit more colourful, there are some trends that will suit you, too.

For starters, 2022 will be the year of the bathroom mural. Whether you opt for a graphic wallpaper or a hand-drawn piece, you will be completely on-trend by sprucing up one of the walls in your bathroom with a unique pattern or scene.

Many homeowners find this type of focal point to be something that they can appreciate daily while they peer through their shower doors or soak in a freestanding bath. If you're feeling bold, this could be the perfect change in your space, although we do suggest consulting with a professional designer to help you choose the right sized and scaled mural for your bathroom.

Start an indoor garden

As you seek out tips for designing your bathroom, consider this easy upgrade that won't require much by way of renovation. You can make your bathroom feel fresher and more alive — quite literally — by investing in some leafy houseplants.

Research has shown us already that filling your home with houseplants can do wonders for your state of mind. A plant can reduce your anxiety and help you feel calmer.

So, if you can't afford to re-fit your bathroom with classic white tiles and spa-like fixtures, you can still create an atmosphere that's just as serene. Fill your bathroom with plants and pampas grass and see for yourself how much a bit of green can enhance your space.

An exquisite orchid elevates this bathroom in Rose Bay - Photography: Rebecca Lu

Add a bit of vintage

Cookie-cutter cabinetry is not in this year. Instead, people are looking to honour the art of fine furniture-making. And, yes, that even applies to how they will decorate their bathrooms.

Rather than selecting a pre-fabricated set of cabinets for, say, a bathroom counter or vanity, many homeowners will seek out a bespoke piece of vintage furniture to do the job. For instance, an old sideboard might make the perfect bathroom vanity, while an antique wardrobe can hold all of the bathroom linens.

Whatever you can fit in your bathroom will make a statement. It will make your space feel equal parts expensive and unique, too.

Swap out hardware for matte black

Here's another idea for a cheap and simple project that will modernise your bathroom. Spend a few hours swapping out your bathroom hardware, from cabinet and drawer pulls to faucets to shower heads.

Your best bet is to choose new hardware that will fit the holes already in your cabinets and countertops. That way, you only have to unscrew the hardware and screw in your new handles.

Most importantly, though, you need to choose hardware in what will be the finish of 2022: matte black. This finish stands out against the serene shades that go in most bathrooms. It also looks great in a more modern space with clean lines.

Matte black styling with the B1700 Square Basin from Stonebaths

Go bold with linens

Perhaps the idea of a bathroom mural piqued your interest, but you're not ready to make such a bold statement. You might be more comfortable with this, one of the latest trends for bathrooms: patterned bathroom towels.

We're not talking about subtle dots or chevrons, either. Think bathroom towels with stark, bold checkerboard patterns. Expect these graphic prints to be all over 2022's batch of towels and flannels.

You can take it down a notch whilst remaining on trend by opting for a brighter towel colour, too. This idea is a great one if you're hoping to reinvigorate your bathroom decor on a budget. Swapping out linens is much cheaper than, say, removing and replacing the tilework.

Build a bigger bathroom

Finally, 2022 bathroom decor trends won't laud you for having the tiniest bathroom on the block. This year, people are moving towards larger bathrooms — think bathroom suites. If you have a big budget for your bathroom re-do, then you may consider increasing the area that your bathroom covers in your home's floor plan.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that so many of us are still working from home and will continue doing so. A large, luxurious bathroom feels like a getaway from our day-to-day lives. So, if you have the chance to increase the dimensions of your space, spring for it!

The bathroom at Camberwell House by Rosanna Ceravolo - Photography: Christine Francis

Which latest trends for bathrooms are you going to try?

You asked us, what are the latest trends for bathrooms? So, now that we've answered your question, we want to know, which one(s) will you incorporate into your space? An indoor garden, a focal wall or a completely new master bathroom? Whatever your choice, we’re sure you’ll have no regrets with any of these trending ideas that will easily stand the test of time.

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