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The ecologically sustainable philosophy of Sue Connor Architects has evolved over the last 30 years and has led to the decision to create ‘Gaea Architects’- a business name that further represents our commitment to creating spaces that nurture mother earth and support people’s well-being. We live in challenging times where we need to consider our choices carefully, especially when it comes to the impact the built environment has on the health and longevity of ourselves and the planet.

The combination of an understanding of a deeper level of ecologically sustainable design principles and progressive architecture enables us to go beyond the conventional to create spaces that have a strong sense of place and sit in harmony with the natural and built environment.

We believe the design principles Gaea Architects embodies will not only help preserve and regenerate our beautiful planet but also improve the health and comfort of occupants.

Our work has morphed into a more targeted strategy of multi-disciplinary high-performance building standards- with a focus on Passive House Design. This website will represent our transition into Passivhaus and showcase our ‘work in progress projects that are to be designed, built and certified to the Passive House Standard.

This philosophy makes sense, for three important reasons - Our state of Health, the Environment and Energy Savings.

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