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In the heart of our recent project, lay a vision, and an imminent arrival - a baby on the way. Our clients embarked on a journey to transform their house into their "forever home," a place where they could nurture their growing family and create cherished memories. With this dream in mind, they sought a team capable of turning their vision into reality, all while adhering to a tight timeline and budget.

The Challenge

The original house was trapped in time, burdened by dated design choices and a lack of natural light. Closed-off spaces hindered the flow of light and air, making it a less-than-ideal space for a young, expanding family. Our challenge was clear: to open up the living areas and create an open-plan atmosphere that would invite copious natural light, resulting in a brighter, more spacious kitchen layout. While we aimed to modernize the home, we also aimed to retain certain timeless elements, like the classic Hamptons-style timber panels in the bathroom and the elegant marble flooring.

Our Solution

To bring this vision to life, we meticulously partnered our clients with the right experts in the field, ensuring that their dreams would materialize on time and within the confines of their budget. With skillful precision, we transformed the existing house into a haven of light and space.

  • Open-Plan Living: Walls were demolished to create a seamless flow between the living room and kitchen, giving the space an inviting and airy feel. Natural light now streamed in, illuminating every corner of the home.
  • Timeless Elegance: While embracing modern design, we preserved the classic charm of the Hamptons style. The carefully retained timber panels in the bathroom walls complemented the exquisite marble flooring, creating a harmonious blend of old-world charm and contemporary comfort.

The Outcome

Upon project completion, our clients were not only satisfied but overjoyed with the breathtaking transformation of their home. They now look forward to a lifetime of cherished memories in their renovated space, with their new addition – their precious baby.


In our mission to turn a dated house into a "forever home" for a growing family, we successfully combined timeless elegance with modern functionality. Our commitment to excellence, expert partnerships, and dedication to meeting deadlines and budgets ensured that our clients could embark on this new chapter of their lives with confidence and excitement.

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We are Construction Concierge

We believe property owners should be able to plan their next project with confidence and excitement. We understand that for property owners, spare time is hard to come by. Our mission is to help you achieve your construction goals without having to find the hundreds of spare hours and years of experience required to plan and execute a construction project to perfection.

We want to learn about your project, understand your needs and goals and pair you with the right design and construction team to help you succeed. We want to be there to support you for the duration of your project to ensure you get the best result available. Our tailored service will always be free to you, the property owner.

How does it work?

  1. We will schedule a phone consultation to understand your needs and determine if our service is right for you.
  2. Together, we will do a detailed walk through of your property to understand your project goals and create a comprehensive scope of works document.
  3. We will brief up to three suitable design partners and send you their cost estimates and portfolios. We will arrange meetings with, and quotes from your preferred designers so you can decide who to engage.
  4. Once your plans and approvals are ready, we will brief up to three suitable construction partners and send you their cost estimates and portfolios. We will arrange meetings with, and quotes from your preferred builders so you can decide who to engage.
  5. We will remain involved the entire way through to ensure the process runs smoothly and provide support where needed.

How can we offer our service for free?

We charge the design and construction partners within our network a fee for our service. Our meticulously structured process and client support system has enabled many companies to grow and thrive in a challenging industry allowing them to focus on what they do best, designing and building, and leaving the rest to us.

Our strong relationship and the high volume of opportunities we present, enables our network to offer competitive pricing, without compromising on quality. This unique structure has allowed us to provide you, the property owner, with our consultation and support service completely free of charge.

Our Ten Core Beliefs

  1. We value honesty and transparency above all else
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  4. We understand the value of long term relationships
  5. We know that trust is earned, not expected
  6. We know the power of positivity and strive to maintain high levels of energy
  7. We understand that our job is not complete until our clients are 100% satisfied
  8. We believe that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life
  9. We acknowledge that without our clients, we cannot exist
  10. We commit to being held at a high standard, and strive for improvement in every area of our business
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